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Fertility rate in Muslim countries is falling very fast
  • The Muslim world is on the brink of the fastest population decline in human history. "It's amazing how fast the birth rate in Muslim countries is falling." According to open sources of information, the demographic situation in these countries can be presented in the form of a train disaster: trains from Iran, Turkey and Tunisia are pulled by locomotives of people who are now 20-30 years old. They were born in families with 5-6 children. But the “locomotive” hit the demographic wall: these young people have only one or two children each.

    The current gigantic demographic bubble of young Arabs, whose political humiliation and frustration erupted into the Arab Spring, will be followed by a much smaller generation. Today the largest age group in Iran is 20-30 year olds. But they are not reproduced. The modern educated young Iranian woman was born into a family where she had six or seven brothers and sisters, but she herself will give birth to only one child. It is the consequence of this state of affairs that the impending demographic catastrophe will become.

    Today, there are nine young Iranians working for every elderly Iranian. But by 2050, when the mass of those in their 20s and 30s will retire, 60-year-old Iranians will become the largest age group - seven old people for every 10 working Iranians. An aging population poses a serious threat even to strong societies with well-established social safety nets, such as the developed Western countries. For societies with little or no defenses, aging is a national disaster. The situation is aggravated by the fact that, for example, Iran produces 4400 dollars of GNP per year per capita, which is 10 times less than in the United States. Moreover, most of the GNP is formed through the sale of oil and gas, the reserves of which may simply dry up.

    Experts state that it is too late to fight the decline in the population. The mother of a hypothetical 25-year-old Iranian woman married at 16-17, and by the age of 25 she already had five or six children. One of her daughters, a modern Iranian girl, delayed her marriage to 25, devoting her most fertile age to education and work.


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  • Its simple in my eyes . Culture is more open , and they are having sex before marriage or without marriage.. I'm going to also assume that religious believes have also changed with time,enough to make a difference. Middle East ,arabs,and Muslims have this weird thing about sexuality traditionaly. With time , internet, more open society, religion and reasons for marriage and having kids have changed in middle east

  • It could be.. which is the source of the article?

  • @jazzroy

    It is not english source.

  • Iran has a functional feminist movement - more female graduates than male. However, Iran is just one of 40-odd islamic countries.

    In India, the kaffir population is declining (see current census - due next year). The islamic population is increasing. Same thing in Russia i.e. Chechnya.

    Growth in the world pop is coming from Islam and the Catholic Church. All other groups are declining.

    So @Vitaliy_Kiselev your title is fake news -

    Fertility rate in Iran is falling very fast != Fertility rate in Muslim countries is falling very fast

  • @zcream

    Iran here is used only as sample country.

    Similar process is going in other countries.


    Same thing in Russia i.e. Chechnya.

    It has nothing to do with Muslim population, as it is our elites who worked extra hard to turn this parts into Muslims (since around 1957).

    Modern Chechnya had been engineered by this guy (he even moved to region during 1957-60 years to quickly react to situation) - .