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Warning about the Corona vaccines
  • I know of 2 people who took the Oxford vaccine and got Corona within 6 months. One of them also cited 3 people of 8 that he knew, who got the vaccine and got ill. So far, my family has not got the vaccine and all are OK. It may be worthwhile looking at Vit D, Zinc, HCQ/Ivermectin, turmeric milk etc as alternative remedies.

    If some others know of such cases, please use this thread to cite examples.

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  • did they go to the hospital or die?

  • Hospital. 3 recovered. One just got it

  • @zcream

    Somewhere governments already told the truth.

    Vaccine is not the way to fully prevent you from being sick - only to boost your immunity and prepare it.

    And as I said, even for original strain real efficiency is in 60-70% range. For new strains it is unknown.

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