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MAGA: Reverse racism is rising its head in US
  • The translator into the Catalan language of a poem by the American poet Amanda Gorman, which she read at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, was suspended from work because he had "the wrong parameters" (aka being white). According to The Guardian, no one doubted the abilities of Viktor Obiols, but the customers thought that this translation should be done by "a young woman, an activist, preferably black, lesbian is best."

    The translator into Catalan of a poem by American poet Amanda Gorman, which she read at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, said he was removed from the job because he had "the wrong parameters." According to The Guardian, this is the second time in Europe after Dutch writer Mareke Lucas Reineveld refused to translate Gorman's poem due to criticism that a black man should translate it and white must never be allowed to work on this.

    “I was told that I am not suitable for this translation. Nobody doubted my abilities, but they were looking for a person with different parameters, considering that it should be a young woman, an activist, preferably black, ”said translator into Catalan Victor Objols.

    Objols, who translated the works of Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, three weeks ago received an offer from the Barcelona publishing house Univers to translate Gorman's poem into Catalan with a foreword by American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. He completed his work, but suddenly his publisher received a message, the essence of which boils down to the fact that Objols is "the wrong person."

    This will have very bad consequences soon, as it is same horrible racism, but now it reversed sign.

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  • The acclaimed author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld has pulled out of translating Amanda Gorman’s poetry into Dutch, after their publisher was criticised for picking a writer for the role who was not also Black. “An incomprehensible choice, in my view and that of many others who expressed their pain, frustration, anger and disappointment via social media,” wrote Deul. “Isn’t it – to say the least – a missed opportunity to [have hired] Marieke Lucas Rijneveld for this job? They are white, nonbinary, have no experience in this field, but according to Meulenhoff are still the ‘dream translator’?”

    They actually feed racism on a global scale.

  • A Minneapolis-area theater announced the cancellation of its upcoming production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” over concerns the cast was too white.

    Chanhassen Dinner Theatres said in a press release that “Cinderella” was canceled “after careful consideration and with our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

    I propose big repressions towards some US "progressive" thinkers. As we need to include them into the constant residents of prisons and such way we could solve all inclusion problems (in their ill understanding).

  • Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement said the curriculum focuses on "white European music from the time of slavery." According to The Telegraph, Oxford professors intend to reform music courses in order to abandon the classical repertoire - send Beethoven, Mozart and all other "slave owners" to the trash heap.

    And along with them, and musical notation - black and white signs cause some students "unspeakable suffering." Oxford is seriously considering abandoning notes. BLM activists argue that teaching musical notation is "directly related to the colonial past" and is a "slap in the face" to some students.

    Musical skills should no longer be required, because the current repertoire of "white European music" is causing "great discomfort" among students of color.

    It is like in the mad house now.

  • Fun to read

    Asked about the development of anti-white racism in the United States, Sergei Lavrov said in an interview on Russian television that he was concerned about "political correctness" carried to the point of absurdity that could end badly. He added that “Russia has been a pioneer in the movement for equal rights for people of all skin colors. But it is important not to go to the other extreme, which we saw in the case of the Black Lives Matter movement and attacks on white US citizens. "

    The minister linked this situation to the cultural revolution taking place in the United States, believing that "Hollywood is changing its rules to reflect the diversity of modern society, which is also a form of censorship," according to Israeli media reports.

    “I've seen blacks now play in Shakespeare's comedies. I just don't know when the white Othello will be. You see, this is absurd. Political correctness, brought to this absurdity, will not end well, "said Sergei Lavrov."

  • No, England’s University of Oxford Isn’t Banning Sheet Music

  • @LOM

    Remember, all major fact checks now are on one side. :-)

    And main thing was - Oxford professors intend to reform music courses in order to abandon the classical repertoire - send Beethoven, Mozart and all other "slave owners" to the trash heap.

    This is not false.

  • In my experience musicians who have not studied at the academy tend to have an openness towards theory. However, since I feel that in general the post-secondary environment expressed your terms is an arm of capitalism then, of course, Oxford must abandon the classical rep to keep up appearances and grants.

  • Thirty-four percent of white college student applicants have lied about their race to admissions officials to better their chances of getting accepted into their desired university or receive better financial aid, according to a survey from Intelligent.

    The survey of 1,250 white college applicants ages 16 and older found that the most popular racial claim was Native American. Out of the 34 percent of white college applicants who lied about their race, 77 percent were accepted.

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