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GF2 optional external microphone
  • A keen-eyed person on the forum spotted that the GF2 might be able to accept a microphone input via the hot-shoe or the EVF socket

    Does anyone here know any more about this?

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  • Yes, nope. Only Olympus made the SEMA-2 external mic attatchment. :-( And Panasonic just changed the external accessory port to a new standard with the GX

  • Pity. The option to add an external mic (without having to open the case and splice in a connector in place of the microphones!) would have made the GF2 much more attractive.

  • What I am wondering about is: Why is external Audio recording with a audio recorder such a problem for most of you (from what I am reading everywhere)? Of course it was nice to be able to connect an XLR (of course with phantom power support) or at least with a mic jack plug) but syncing video and seperatly recorded sound isn't too hard and usually seperate recorded sound is better anyways. So, why is it so important to so many of you? Seriously, I am curious to understand.

  • @Jodan, I can't speak for anyone else, but I carry my gear on my bicycle. The fewer items I need to carry to get a good result, the better; and the smaller and lighter those items are, the better. Also, the less syncing I need to do in PP, the better.