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MiniLED can become mainstream finally
  • Singapore-based semiconductor packaging equipment vendor K&S has seen strong influx of orders for wire bonders for logic ICs and memory chips with delivery lead times extending to 6-9 months, and is optimistic that equipment demand for miniLED backlight applications may grow exponentially starting in 2021.

    Cheam estimates that miniLED applications will see exponential increases this year, as more brand vendors are moving to apply miniLED backlighting technology to a variety of devices including notebooks, tablets, desktops and TVs.

    Not bad, but remember - almost all manufacturers will be selecting cheapest led chips and made worst cooling possible (now around 90% of TVs failure is due to horrible led backlight cooling).

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  • TSMT, which manufactures backlighting for Mini-LED arrays, previously faced limitations related to printed circuit boards and adhesives in Mini-LED panels. Sources say that after changing the supplier of these components, the company was able to solve existing problems and establish the production of panels that meet Apple's quality requirements. Thus, Apple will have time to launch new mobile computers in the earlier scheduled time.