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Sony FX3 - they want to sell to you same thing again
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    • 12MP FF sensor, old one Sony used before
    • MB comes from A7S3
    • No ND filters as A7S3 MB can't support this
    • Almost no internal changes compared to A7S3
    • IBIS with active mode
    • Still mode is same to other Sony cameras
    • Takes CFexpress A cards
    • Records 4k/120p
    • From SAR
    • Reuses same elements and LSI from usual Sony E mount cameras
    • Active cooling and quite good
    • Xlr adapter included
    • S-Cinetone
    • NPFZ 100 battery
    • Price is 3795 Euro without VAT
    • Preorder start on Feb 23


    593 x 498 - 42K
    800 x 743 - 93K
    696 x 215 - 58K
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    506 x 500 - 27K
  • Basically they took an A7SIII, they changed the body for better cooling. Et voila! 4K€

  • @LongJohnSilver

    Yup, as sales of this model will be tiny.

    Remember - around 30% of small video shooters are already out of business.

    Wedding market more than halved.

  • So its an A7siii with with a new XLR module in the box. Sold separately the current Sony XLR adapter is $600. This new adapter doubles as a top handle and has an extra input. That's pretty cool. If the FX3 allows for you to turn off noise reduction like the FX6 I'm sold.

  • @chopnshoot

    If you mean Sony smartshoe adapter - separate can be bough used or such also. And it is nice investment as can be used on camcorders or new camera. This one looks to be very specific mount.

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    800 x 676 - 66K
    740 x 586 - 50K
    733 x 714 - 55K
    717 x 732 - 51K
    720 x 679 - 56K
    699 x 654 - 39K
  • Being real, this is a A7s3 with mounting ports and active cooling.

    At least the menu should give you real advantages over its brother like black balance etc.

  • This is the A7SIII that's built for Sony’s new drone.

  • @chopnshoot

    Btw, they still sell very overpriced XLR thingies with it, it is third incarnation ( or 4th?)

    For the price they could long add 32bit internal recorder in it, for safety.

  • The price is 4700 Euro or 4200 Pounds with VAT Included.

  • 4k is so ooooollllldddddd it's scaly.

  • Hoping for an 8K version :)

  • Not a cube but a slab with a fan hmmmmm Weird that the bottom mount is cheesy for a cinema camera.

  • Interesting how the stabilization work: you can use both (sensor stabilization and Catalyst)? The problem for me is the lack of low datarates/s codecs: 600Mb it's too much for documentaristic work.

  • @miko Read the specs. The 600 Mbps is for all-I 4K 60p. You can shoot 4K 60P using HEVC HS at much lower rates - 200 Mbps or 150 Mbps or 100 Mbps or 75 Mbps or even 45 Mbps!

  • I like it except for the fan and the price

  • @markr041 Thank you! I looked up the specs only on the BH site and it seemed odd actually that there were only two or three codecs. My mistake. For me it would be interesting to test the most compressed codecs, to compare with those of the C70 (Canon seems to have done magic in the past with the C series, especially with the C100 and C300).