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Good quote: On fascism and capitalism
  • Fascism is a modern historical phase in the development of capitalism, and in this sense it is something both new and old at the same time.
    In the fascist countries, capitalism now exists only as fascism, and therefore it is possible to fight against fascism only as against capitalism, capitalism of the most undisguised, in its most arrogant, cruel and demagogic form.
    What will happen if the enemy of fascism tries to tell the truth about it without touching upon the capitalism that generates it? Where can we get to the truth, suitable for practical application! Opponents of fascism, who are not opponents of capitalism, with their complaints of barbarism stemming from barbarism, resemble people who do not mind eating a calf, but do not want animal to be stabbed to death. They love meat, but cannot stand the sight of blood. Let the butcher wash his hands before bringing the meat; that will be perfectly satisfactory. After all, they are not against property relations that give rise to barbarism, but only against barbarism as such.
    They raise their voice against barbarism in countries where the same property relations prevail, but where butchers still wash their hands before bringing meat.

    Bertolt Brecht

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  • Bertolt Brecht, recipient of the International Stalin Prize for Peace.

  • @radikalfilm

    We need to restore this nice tradition.

    May be Trump can be up to the peace award?