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OnePlus 9 Pro
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  • I had the OnePlus 8 Pro and camera was already quite competitive with the best phones out there, so next big push might be impressive. Maybe DJI and OnePlus / Oppo have deeper links. Hasselblad mirrorless cameras made in China, retailing for $2000 could be a reality soon, with image processing and UI from Oneplus. If anyone is to challenge Japan, and their traditional camera firmware, it could be through this path.

  • @AndrewReid_EOSHD

    Issue with Chinese smartphones is that they mostly care only about hardware nice looking specs.

    After release they mostly drop support, except some Android updates (but can be even none) and some their own UI changes. They normally do not update any camera software significantly.

  • Well there was quite a significant firmware change with the 8 Plus... the infrared camera got dropped ;-)