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Sony X800H TV
  • I saw it in the store and I fell in love with it's natural image!

    The generic name of the TV is Sony X800H, my model KD-65XH8096 being a European designation of the 65 inch with a certain color and shape of feet.

    A detailed review can be read here:

    Things that delighted me:

    • Image profiles are good "out of the box" but the image can be improved to near perfection after careful calibration; it is actually a pleasure to watch any kind of content on it!
    • It has an IPS screen with a large viewing angle,
    • The screen is flicker free, with backlighting white LEDs (not blue), an aspect that is easy to overlooked but very important for eyes and health!
    • It has a low latency of 10 ms and supports 4K 60hz in RGB mode, being very good to use as a PC monitor,
    • The matrix is ​​very fine, pixels are observed at a distance greater than 50 cm from the screen,
    • As a PC monitor I use it at minimum brightness so I have no clouding problems (black is very uniform),
    • The sound is surprisingly good, the voice is clear and well defined and it offers a little bass,
    • When used as a TV, scaling the image to lower resolutions is surprisingly good due to the powerful image processing.
    • It has plenty of inputs and all HDMI ones are high speed 2.0.

    Things I love less:

    • With an IPS panel, the ~1100:1 contrast is mediocre, the black is not as deep as it is in VA panels (where the viewing angles are smaller) or oled (which develops burn in over time),
    • Clouding on black can be seen at high brightness levels,
    • Due to the large size of the screen, you can see a small shift in color and brightness between the area where you stand perpendicular to the other edge; this small shift in color and brightness is visible only up close and only on evenly light shades, it's NOT noticeable in pictures, movies, games, etc.
    • A few days after the acquisition, a pixel remained hot (lit), but due to the fine matrix I normally do not notice it unless I look for it carefully or on uniformly dark backgrounds,
    • The corners have a very small vignetting,
    • Sony menus are confusing, poorly structured and the manual (non-existent in physical format) does not detail much of the functions described and is as poorly structured as the menus. It was "a lot of fun" to make it work in 4K 60hz RGB format, as the input had to be manually set to support this mode (nonsensical cause all HDMI ports support HDMI 2.0 high bandwidth) and only 2 of the image profiles "Game "or" Graphics" are sited for PC use (the rest of the profiles do not support RGB or 444); and obviously in the manual it was almost impossible to find accurate information, but luckily we have the internet. :)
    • A BUG: every time I close the TV while the computer is running, when reopening the screen it enters in 4:2:0 mode until I change the picture profile up from "Game "or" Graphics" to "Cinema" or above, then scroll down again to "Game "or" Graphics" profiles. I bet this bug can be fix in a firmware update if Sony acknowledges the problem and has the good will to fix it.

    In conclusion:

    I'd like it to be perfect, no TV really is, especially in the more affordable segment. After the effort to connect it to the PC in RGB mode, a careful image calibration and ignoring the small quirks it has, I honestly say that I'm very satisfied with it! It's absolutely fantastic to watch up close: movies, games, images, etc., on a 65-inch screen (a cinema experience). If I had to choose a TV in this price category again, I would buy it without hesitation!