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Capitalism: New Aliexpress service :-)
  • Ali holding began to closely monitor which products from Chinese factories are selling well in Mordor under local brands. Then they actively began (not free of charge) to inform factories and Chinese sellers which models are promising, so that they can either make analogs or simply steal.

    Participants in the Chinese economic system buy sales reports from regional retail chains (Mordor, Western and Eastern Europe), and then draw up recommendations that are sold to Chinese factories. Such way they can get on a silver platter about hit sales products, how they look like, what channels it is supplied to, what its retail price is on the regional market, and how much they can earn using a not-so-cheap idea.

    Nice tactics that kills not so strong local brands (who anyway do most things in China).

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  • Jack ma is missing, another billionaire kidnapped by Chinese government.

  • @endotoxic

    He is not, he had been on the public very recently, check news.