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Can the GH1 go faster than 60 fps?
  • I notice there is a fps setting for MJPEG.
    Is it possible to speed up the fps faster than 60 fps in the GH1?

    Is there a patch out there I can load?
    Anyone have luck with this?

    @Lpowell have you experimented with this? I would be interested to know your findings.

    Plus, I am not talking about using Twixtor, Optical Flow, or After Effects. I want true in-camera speed. Then I can manipulate later with software.

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  • Sorry, the MJPEG frame rate patch doesn't actually change the rate at which the image sensor is scanned, which is locked to 30fps on all Panasonic G-series cameras in MJPEG mode. Patching in a different MJPEG frame rate only forces the camera to duplicate or drop frames from the 30p video stream, producing a choppy simulation of a different frame rate.
  • Thanks for letting me know. And I am also assuming that the frame rate for AVCHD mode has a similar limitation.

    Darn! I was hoping for my own little Phantom HD Gold high speed camera at a fraction of the price.

    If there is some way to hack any of the G-series or any camera for that matter to do this, I would contribute more funds/resources to the research.

    The Phantom HD Gold is amazing at super high speeds like 1000 fps and beyond.
  • That's why the Phantom is so expensive. Also look up the Phantom Flex, the new generation of the Gold, which can shoot at over 2000 fps.
  • Is it a limitation of the scan out of the image sensor or of the data processing downstream? And then is that a limitation in hardware programmable by firmware or is it fixed in the wires and silicon? From your explanation it sounds like its in the wires or silicon and not accessible via firmware.