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Good quote: Party and individuals
  • Words —
    even the finest —
    turn into litter,
    wearing threadbare
    with use and barter.
    I want to infuse
    new glitter
    into the most glorious of words:
    what can he mean
    in life?
    His voice
    sounds fainter
    than a needle dropping.
    Who hears him?
    Only, perhaps,
    his wife,
    and then if she's near
    and not out shopping.

    A Party's
    a raging
    single-voiced storm
    out of voices
    weak and thin.
    The enemy strongholds
    burst with its roar
    like eardrums
    when cannon
    begin their din.
    One man alone
    feels down and out.
    One man alone
    won't make weather.
    Any old bully
    can knock him about—
    even weaklings
    if two together.

    But when
    we midgets
    in a Party stand—
    out of sight!
    A Party's
    a million-fingered hand
    into one fist
    of shattering might.
    What's an individual?
    No earthly good.
    One man,
    even the most important of all,
    can't raise a ten-yard log of wood,
    to say nothing
    of a house
    ten stories tall.

    A Party means millions
    of arms,
    and acting together.
    In a Party
    we'll rear our projects to the skies,
    upholding and helping
    one another.
    The Party's
    the compass
    that keeps us on course,
    the backbone
    of the whole working class.
    The Party
    the immortality of our cause,
    our faith
    that will never
    fail or pass.
    Yesterday an underling,
    whole empires I'm uncharting.
    The brain,
    the strength,
    the glory of its class,
    that's what it is,
    our Party.
    and the Party
    are brother-twins.
    Who'll say
    which means more
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    to History, their mother?
    and the Party
    are the closest kin;
    name one
    and you can't but imply
    the other.

    V. Mayakovsky

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