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Kinotehnik NEW EVF official release day announced
  • "Kinotehnik We start shipping to dealers around the world by NAB. Stay tuned we will have official press release soon."

    "LCDVFE availability update: We have scheduled an official launch for NAB Expo, which starts in Las Vegas on 16th of April. The units will be available at your favorite Kinotehnik reseller straight after that. Alternatively, you will be able to buy directly from our webshop. Thanks everyone for the patience!"

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  • For €750 I would buy Zacuto EVF Pro instead :/

  • only when I've received it in my hands then it's considered shipping. Delay after delay, fortunately they are not the only EVF player in the market.

  • I just preordered mine I'll let y'all know how it works out for me =) I didn't want to buy the zacuto since its already 2 years old i hope and think the kinotehnik will have better performance since its new tech, i prefere the mounting system, it has more software features and a sleeker design. Also its european and i prefered putting money in our econmy rather then the american one ;D no offence towards america btw :)

  • I'd happily swap my Zacuto EVF pro for this once it comes out.

  • I received my LCDVFe a couple of days ago. The quality of the build is excellent and the mounting set-up is great - very ergonomic. I'm having an issue with a lot of judder/jitter. I have tried running the hdmi out of my GH2 to several other monitors I have and the output looks nice and smooth (no jitter when panning or tilting) but I can't get a nice fluid motion out of the LCDVFe. I am in contact with Tonis by email - I'll let you know if it gets resolved. I'd be interested in hearing of anyone else's experience with the LCDVFe and the GH2.

  • @ronmen

    Thanks for report, can you make some more detailed preview?

    Also keep us updated about this issue resolution.

  • ...I am running GOP3ZILLA on my GH2 but have also tried the LCDVFe on the GH2 with the un-modified GH2__V11.bin file - same jitter results. The jitter occurs with movement on any axis - panning and tilting, and occurs with even slight/slow moves.

    I will be working with an Epic on Wednesday for a political ad and will connect the LCDVFe to that as well to see if it has the same problems on that cam - I'll let you know what I find out.

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  • I use the sedna hack from driftwood, i have no jitter what so ever, very content with every aspect of this product (:

    edit: sorry for horrible picture

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  • @klem007

    Cool - I'll try Sedna tonight.

    Used with an Epic camera today - 720/30 and 720/24 out of the HDMI looked great as far as having smooth motion but there was a lot of high frequency flicker - couldn't get 1080 to work at all.

  • @klem007

    Hi Klem - tried Sedna this morning - same jitter. I did however realize that you are in Europe based on your last post so I put my cam in PAL mode and sure enough the AVCHD 50i mode looks silky smooth. Even in PAL though, the progressive modes showed a lot of jitter. Thanks for the info though.

  • @ronmen I think that i don't know what jitter is if thats the case, please explain! Also yes i only use pal mode (: though i hope it will be in the gh3 from the start and don't have those annoying blocking effects that don't seem to be on 24p (: Also could u tell me what matte box u are using?

  • @klem007

    Hi klem - the matte box is the Century Precision Optics DSMB-44-XLW. I believe it has been discontinued since Century/Schneider now distribute Chrosziel matte boxes. I bought it on eBay as new old stock from a camera store - paid $250 for it with an XL1 bridge plate and rods (which I don't use).

    When I talk about "jitter" I am refering to what some people call "panning judder" or "stutter." It's when you are doing a pan and the motion in the monitor looks jerky, like it is having a hard time keeping up with the motion. When shooting progressive (or in the old days, on film) you have/had to be careful not to pan too quickly or you would see that judder. What I'm seeing in the LCDVFe though is not being caused by the pan (or tilt) being too fast. I'm getting it with even very slow pans and even with tilts. I think it has something to do with how the EVF is handling the input from the GH2. I think it also must have to do with their panel probably being designed to operate optimally at 50Hz. When I tried my cam in PAL mode at 50Hz interlaced it looked great. Unfortunately, I have no use for 1080 50i footage here in the States :-(

    I'm waiting to hear back from Tõnis over at LCDVF to see if there is anything they can do about it.

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  • @ronmen Thanks for pointing those out! (:

  • @klem007

    Are you experiencing the same thing? I'm starting to think LCDVF is dodging the issue. They have yet to respond back in several days. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt right now - hoping they are doing some research. We'll see though, I'll let you know what comes of it. If you are having the same issue you should definitely contact their customer support. They might be more inclined to act if it is a wider problem.

  • @ronmen I must say i never realy paid much attention to it, also i do not have my gear at my new place at the moment. I'll do some testing when i have my stuff over here. You may advise me some movements and settings to try out (:

  • Compliments to those who deserve them. I had a faulty hdmi in, mailed and sent my evf back to them. They upgraded me to the newest model, free of any charge! got it back 2 days later. Very good and fast work from those guys..