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PFY HDMI Transmitter EagleEye
  • PFY HDMI Transmitter EagleEye



    • High quality
    • Quality made in Germany!
    • Lighter only weights 130gram
    • Cheaper 149USD while Accsoon cost 199-250USD
    • Transmits Audio and Video Signal, while competitors only transmits Video
    • Supports 30/60Hz Frame Rate (next Firmware update we support 25Hz/50Hz) as well. Competitor only supports 30Hz which is not good for Video recording on Smartphone or iPad.
    • Really small and portable
    • Video latency is very low ~100ms while competitor have a latency of >180ms which is useless for using it in combination with Wireless Follow Focus System
    • EagleEye can control Cameras through the App, you can Start/Stop REC, take Pictures, Zoom IN/OUT (Support of Sony, Canon, Panasonic and Nikon)
    • Uses a standard 18650 Li-Ion Battery which can be exchanged, in the Accsoon Device it is built-in not possible to replace it!
    • Works even on USB-C powered external device
    • More info at

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    900 x 600 - 37K
    900 x 900 - 54K
    900 x 900 - 88K
    900 x 900 - 85K
    900 x 900 - 82K