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China: Food Crisis

    Since Y2K, China's food imports have been accelerating. IMO this is the biggest policy mistake. Food insecurity can lead to a major crisis.

    This summer they had a historical record in flooding that lasted 4 months. Three Gorges Dam, the worst creation of mankind, made the situation worse. A lot of farming lands in southern China went wasted. Drought leaves some food, but flooding wipes out all crops in affected ares. To make the situation worse, many cities' emergency food storage buildings had burned down mysteriously since the flooding. Some people found rice bags full of stones. Smell corruption?

    AFAIK this is likely to be a new weather pattern and high chance of recurrence in the coming years. Suffering of tens or hundreds of millions people in China might be far worse than Syria's.

    What did CCP learn out of this? They plan to build 3x bigger dam than Three Gorges Dam that is already the biggest dam in the world.

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  • @stonebat

    Isn't it time to stop all this series?

    As it is also just repeat of existing PV topic.

    Read something about Chinese history, floods and role of dams. It is very interesting.