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35mm F2 Sigma DG DN Lens
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    722 x 876 - 86K
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  • Looks good, I hope it’s compact in size. Any idea on the size, mount & price?

  • It will be compact - significantly smaller than the Art-series lenses. E and L-mounts according to various rumor sites. You could use the pricing of the Sigma 45/2.8 as a benchmark since they are from the same line of lenses.

    Will be interesting to compare with upcoming Panasonic f/1.8 lenses for L-mount.

  • Thanks Walter. I only use 28mm or 35mm for the documentary photography so since I bought the Sony A7iii — it just blew my previous kit Fuji X100 series out of the competition in regards to dynamic range, low light capability and image stabilisation. Although in terms of portability I miss the compact nature of the X100 series camera with it’s tiny lens. The upcoming sigma lens — if it’s compact that would be amazing, specially on the a7c. Fingers crossed.

  • Specs

    • 10 elements in 9 groups (1 SLD, 3 aspherical surfaces)
    • min focus distance 27cm
    • maximum magnification 1: 5.66
    • Filters - 58mm
    • φ70x67.4mm
    • 325g
    • $ 639.
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    698 x 513 - 41K
    698 x 498 - 42K
  • What none of these reviews tell you is that only relatively recent Sony lenses support the high speed 20fps photo shooting with the A9 (that may likely come to other future Sony bodies).

    No Sigma lens works in this mode, but all Sigma (and all Samyang, Viltrox, Zeiss etc.) lenses slow the camera down to 10fps with active autofocus. The Sony FE 35mm/1.8 (which is hardly more expensive than this Sigma) does support 20fps, even with tracking and eye-detect AF-C.

  • I like that they put focus gears on these.