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Third party lenses for MFT
  • What is the reason that there are so few? There was the Sigma line for classic 4/3 but there's virtually nothing for micro. Is it some Pana/Oly licensing quirks, lack of interest from third party manufacturers in such a niche market, or some conspiracy involved?

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  • There haven't been any or hardly any for all the new systems.

  • I guess I've found the answer to my question. Wiki says about MFT that originated in 2008 that

    "unlike the preceding Four Thirds System, it is not an open standard".

    Whereas Sony E-mount that emerged a year later has a bunch of third party lenses already. The game changer was that

    "On 8 February 2011 Sony announced the release of the specifications for the E-mount lens system allowing for third-party lens makers to create lenses for the NEX cameras without having to pay royalties. The mount specifications have been released to registered parties since April 2011."

    That explains it all. The question is whether Pana/Oly consortium will try to keep their strict policies or they will break under the pressure from competitors and open the platform for others.