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Best 2020 compact mobile solution for web streaming moving mirrorless camera ???
  • Event videographers need some compact web streaming solution for moving camera (rig, gimbal).

    First thing I imagine in my mind is using smartphone camera installed in same position as main mirrorless camera, but I wondering if it possible to use some dedicated device for streaming recording footage.

    I remember that Zhiyun tried to add on their gimbals at 2018 web streaming feature via smartphone application, but that feature was disabled and no one used it. Maybe someone use his gimbal as streaming converter?

    I got advice from local photo store to use wireless video transmitter and receiver on laptop with net-stick device, but I'd like to find all-in-one solution without laptop. Please write your suggestions.

    I use Lumix S1 with Ronin S, that combo already heavy, so I looking for something lightweight.

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  • It depends on reliability.

    It must be HDMI to Wifi device with smartphone or tablet making main work.

  • The idea using gimbal to transfer live picture via application on smartphone sounds really good because it’s literally may working without any additional device, only chain smartphone-gimbal-camera.

  • The Sony Xperia PRO would be one solution. It has 5g and possibly the most advanced antenna system. HDMI input. Perfect for live events.

    If they continue to wait a bit to release it than they might as well make sure it gets the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 with the X60 modem. Rumor that the next Galaxy phones will come out in January with those.