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  • Basically. I'm out of the game.

    Making a living in this business had become more trouble than it was worth. I don't post much here, because I don't spend any energy keeping up on the latest tech - that routine became exhausting and pointless, and I truly stopped caring about any of it about 5 years ago. Although I did a deep dive into this world for a recent project, and not much has changed in that time, which is pretty sad. I only ever take jobs now if the money is too ridiculously good to turn down, or if I find the project and the people reeeeeeeally interesting. For the most part, I've been consulting and creating custom looks through ColorGHear's Spectrum program, and day trading for the past 2 years to pay the bills.

    I've gone back to my first love: making music, which doesn't really pay either, but producing and learning to mix is very challenging, and by challenging I also mean fun, and spending my energy designing amplifiers and playing in a band with my best friend is more fun than exhausting it making movies nobody will ever see with people who will never truly appreciate how much you completely saved their asses.

    ColorGHear will still be around for as long as people are still finding it useful. Which, surprisingly, they still are. I figured with all the LUT packages flooding the market, it would get lost. But when something works, it works. So thanks for those who keep referring people to the site. I've been following some of y'alls work from a far. Keep killing it.

    Sorry to everyone who messaged me, and I never got back to. I turned off email notifications a few years back, and never saw them. I'll take the day to respond. If anyone still needs me for anything, find me on facebook or IG or something.

    This is a great community. Keep making cool shit.


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  • One thing I learned hard:

    Never say never.

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  • Stay safe man, that's what counts.