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Which should I buy Panasonic GH1 or GH2?
  • I find the prospect of being able to improve a device a thrilling undertaking.

    Any advantages of the GH2 over the GH1 or vice versa, with respect to using the various available hack options?

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  • They both offer similar image quality and performance, but there are way more patches for GH2. More importantly, GH2 fixed a horrible banding (fpn) that haunted most GH1 units in mid-high iso. Mine was unusable in iso 800 and more. Just get a GH2.

  • Auto iso, i. Exposure set to high and 100mbps @lpowell max latitude patch or the specific 24p Varigop 120mbps patch or 25p @humpman 67mbps patch. I prefer GH1 with these settings.

    Better dynamic range, softer more filmic image. With auto iso i have noticed less issues with fpn

  • Low budget: G7
    Almost low budget: G85
    Other options:


    G85 and G7 are better options if you have the budget.

  • Thanks, all opinions appreciated

  • The latest Pany cameras (GX85, G85 and GH5) uses a floating sensor system and they stabilise video (both 1080 and 4K) for non OIS lenses, OIS for non Dual IS supported OIS lenses, and Dual IS-1 on GX85 (1~2 stops more effective than OIS only), Dual IS-2 on G85 and GH5 (1 stop better than Dual IS-1).

    I'd say get the G85. I didnt know it had the same stabilization as the GH5

  • well....a gh1 can be had for $100-$150. A g85 cost 700. A gh2 will set you back 200-250. There was an good offer here a couple of weeks ago for a gh2 w/lenses. Of course a 700 dollar new camera will outperform a 12 yr old camera. No surprises there.

  • GX85 could be bought by $499 with two lenses in flash sales that occurs very frequently. Had one, still have my GH2, but the GX85 image quality is vastly better and also have IBIS and focus peaking.