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Sony F3 topic, F3 now comes with free S-LOG
  • PMWF3, F3, Models PMW-F3K, PMW-F3L are discontinued (as models only), F3 re-introduced as PMW-F3K/RGB, PMWF3L/RGB with SLog standard

    PMWF3K/RGB, PMWF3L/RGB will have all features of CBK-RGB01 as standard without increase in price. SLog 422, RGB444, 3G, LUT's, etc


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  • Is the F3 now the cheapest camera offering features like this?

  • Btw, S-Log now will be free with firmware upgrade. So not USA only and not with newly shipped cameras only now.

  • F3 firmware 1.5 is coming

  • Vk ,I'm thinking of getting an F3 as a B cam to ursa mini , where are we able to download the slog firmware ? As I seen a couple locally for under 2000$ without slog .. also what is a good cheap small recorder (422 10bit up to 60fps)/monitor to go with the F3

  • S log is available for free as a picture profile if you download the latest firmware. Note that this "only" gives you 422, not RGB 444. Site here:

    The cheapest 1080p recorder that will do 60p is the Blackmagic Video Assist 5", which also has the advantages of using cheap SD cards and that you can upload LUTs to it.

  • Thanks roly ! So it's the 1.45 firmware not the 1.5 for the slog correct ?

  • @sammy

    Check this link for more info:

    1.45 is apparently the revised name for 1.5

  • @sammy, you can get S-Log as a picture profile using firmware version 1.45.

    But if you want 1080/60p, for most recorders you will still need the RGB 444 option. The RGB 444 option enables 3G SDI output. Without that option, 1080/60p output uses dual-link 1.5G SDI, which few recorders support. I have an F3/RGB and Shogun for sale.

  • Blazer thanks for info ,actually I just got a local deal on the alexa classic ,I may lean toward selling the ursa now and getting that ..

  • I own a Sony F3 myself as well, got it back in 2015, but with how incredibly cheap an FS700 is going secondhand these days I'd probably buy that instead of an F3. As the cost for the body would only be another grand or so, but an FS700 can do super slow motion and 4K raw!!

    What price are you getting the Arri Alexa Classic for? As I've been seeing them go on eBay for $15k ish or even less (one for $12k!!).

  • Can I confirm that all Sony f3 bodies when flashed with fw 1.45 can do 1080p60p on HDMI at 4:2:2? And can I record this with bmd video assist which is on sale right now?

  • The camera hardware is incapable of producing 1080/60p over HDMI. If you want to record 1080/60p to a 3G SDI recorder like the Video Assist, you need an F3 with the RGB444 option. Without the RGB444 option, 1080/60p requires a dual-link 1.5G SDI recorder.

  • Ok. Thanks