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Sony A9 II Cine 8K camera...your thoughts?
  • Wanted to know what you think about the rumored A9 8K camera coming in Q1.


    • Bigger and truly pro body
    • 9.44M dots EVF
    • Newly developed sensor
    • 8K video recording with no overheating
    • Dual card slots
    • New menu systems from A7S3
    • IBIS with Steady shot active mode
    • Everything about this camera is new
    • Price 5.999$.
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  • Fuck the a9 8k.

    That’s what I think .

  • Bigger body is not better
    New sensor, OK
    Dual card slot, not really a radical idea
    New menu system can't be worse than the old menus system
    No overheating is not really a feature, I mean, would you buy a car that overheats in a half hour?
    Price is about double what I would pay.
    Assuming it can record 10 bit internally H265, it might be interesting at a lower price.
    Four channel 24 bit audio would make it "pro."

  • if you need 8k, you can afford 8k. sensor would have to have good dynamic range though. i'm looking at you bm 12k with lousy DR, lol.

  • the 8k raw in the Canon R5 is of course for photographers. When you have to capture a hard to predict decisive moment you want a huge amount of photos to choose from. It is for extracting high shutterspeed stills. Not for video.

  • RKM what are you talking about?

  • In my opinion it is just a way to increase burst speed and duration for photographers that need it for a minute or so. When the president drives by or a marathon runner finishes. The A9 should have raw video too to get very high quality stills

  • New firmware

    • Adds the Crop function to allow you to crop a recorded still image
    • Adds the Forced File NoReset option in the File/Folder Settings (still image) menu to allow you to reset the still image file number and create a new folder
    • Other improvements
      • It is improved the phenomenon that some functions are not registered correctly in the Function menu
      • Improves the overall stability of the camera

  • No overheating?

    "You can record 8K/30p video or 4K/60p video continuously for up to 30 minutes."

    The only video shooting Sony has confidence will nor overheat is from a body with a fan (fx3, fx6, fx9).