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Gpixel 16.8M BSI Sensor (4096 x 4096) CMOS
  • Gpixel announces a new BSI 16.8MP (4096 x 4096) CMOS sensor, GSENSE4040BSI, with 9 μm × 9 μm pixels and an optical area of 36.8mm x 36.8mm. An intra-scene dynamic range of 85 dB is achieved by dual-gain 12bit HDR read out mode, together with a 39 ke– full well capacity and 2.3 e– readout noise. 18 pairs of LVDS channels are used to output data at a maximum frame rate of 24 fps.

    GSENSE4040BSI is pin compatible with the existing GSENSE4040FSI sensor, but has enhanced imaging performance. The shipments of the new sensor start in October 2020.