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Capitalism: What happened with Adobe Flash?
  • Actually one thing - it had been killed on request of largest investment funds and other similar guys.

    Why it had been killed?

    It had been good way to go around closed mobile apps infrastructure.

    Companies, especially small ones, could make almost native experience and not pay 30% for games (mostly simple ones) and in game transactions.

    Google also hated Flash as it is very hard to index and almost impossible to sell advertisements efficiently.

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  • Microsoft has released an optional Catalog update that removes Adobe Flash from Windows 10 and prevents it from being reinstalled.

    However the update (KB4577586) only removes the Flash version bundled into Windows 10, and not any standalone versions you’ve installed yourself. It doesn’t remove Flash from Microsoft Edge or other browsers, either.

    They really hate it.

  • Support officially ended now.

    Yet none of companies made any alternative and they are afraid to do so.

    Any good alternative can reshuffle all browsers market and harden search market and it is dangerous.

  • Microsoft now expects to completely remove the bundled version of Adobe's plugin from Windows through a cumulative update rolling out to users in July. The anti-Flash patch will also be included in roll-up and security updates for Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Windows Server 2012.

    They really hate it.

    Again - Flash had been very dangerous precedent.