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Games and ideology a.k.a. Trump find games cool
  • Fallout is next step


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  • What surprise you here?

    All, 100% of popular games are controlled by ruling class, sometimes it is leading researchers or ecnominists who are behing them.

  • Same as movies and anything culture done by capital. Just anecdote as things going pretty fallouty with Trump.

  • Things with trump and elites right now is getting really bad. Lots of pedo lots of bad stuff. shits on clear water floating abroad. It’s smells bad bad bad, and its staining others too, very fast.

    I wish we had I giant toilet to flash this shits out.

  • @endotoxic and what will you put instead?... I mean i think that society in its current state deserves to perish like many ather in history and i have no doubt that will be no more sooner than later but for the time being i think trump represents very well what big part of what society is.

  • What I will put instead?... I’ll wait like you for colapse since there is no way to Improve current system Without make it burn.

    Let’s wait for it.

    But if an answer for a substitute would be myself. Get a chance of making things right at that level, put me in and see the carnage.

  • "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree"

  • You think we deserve to perish but you plant the apple tree?

    Wtf @garroulus pos

  • Donald Trump is the Elvis Presley of douchebaggery. Being a product of the same culture that gave us the Price Is Right, NFL and 50 Cent, his fate was written in the stars.