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Panasonic cameras sales tragedy
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    Yes, US individual payments helped a little. So drop in US is around 64% only now, quite good compared to May figures.

    Panasonic no longer report numbers as they are so bad that management changed approach around 1 year ago.

    But overall it is all bad, premium m43 cameras and all L lineup in some countries dropped even 10 times.

    In one country online sales of L mount lenses dropped 20 times.

    Around November it is expected big changes in camera department (also including pro department), but they expect them to happen in silence without PR.

    Cuts to cameras lineup will follow right after this.

    It is not clear if Panasonic GH6 will make it and will appear finally in 2021 or will be cut with all developers.

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  • I spect all in from panafriend, Gh6 will be goodbye party.