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Capitalism: Rumors arise that Samsung killed not only cameras department due to secret agreements
  • In industry new rumors arised that Apple and Samsung signed agreement back in 2011-2012.

    It had been fully secret cartel like agreement. Samsung started to supply much more parts for Apple devices, including start of building huge OLED screens factories that Apple financed and that now supply OLED screens for tens of millions of iPhones.

    In turn Samsung pulled their notebooks from most markets, almost fully destroyed designers and engineers team behind their notebooks. And also pledged to never compete with Apple using their S line tablet lineup, their marketing repositioned tablets, changed screen proportions and significantly hiked prices. Lot of regions even get supply limits on good tablets.

    Samsung also pledged to have specific release timeframe for S smartphones lineup to not interfere with iPhones much. Samsung also sure that famous Note batterygate had been authored and financed by Apple top management as retailiationf or breaking part of agreement (Samsung shifted release time and also spent on marketing much more than their allowed limit).

    Btw, one of the significant reasons to kill their NX cameras lineup had been hope that cartel agreement and informational exchange agreement with Sony will allow them to be part of Apple supply chain in cameras also.

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  • Apple whore wife from Samsung.

  • Really sad if this rumor is found to be true. Such actions does stem the innovation of products. I guess as long its American company, you just can't afford to mess with them. No diff like how a mafia behaves.