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Japanese Panasonic GM5 Hack (DIY?)
  • Hi Everyone. Recently get Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 from Japan for the bird photography. The camera is great, condition is perect, but the only infterface language is Japanese. I've found service mode key-combination: PLAYBACK + Q.MENU + RIGHT ARROW -> Turn on. But even in service mode the is no option to change language.

    The quesion is: are there other languages somewhere deep inside the GM5 firmware? Is there any tiny chance to enable it, or add it by firmware hack?

    Is there any information available about how famous PTool works? As far as I understand source code is not available? May be I can dedicate spare time to hack it myself, I just need something to start with.

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  • Well, if in normal camera menu it is no new menu items to change language no one can help here.

  • That's sad. Anyway. Thank you for a prompt response.

    if by any chance I'll find something (most likely not), I'll post it here.

  • Hey, there! Did you ever figure out how to hack the GM5 to change the language to English?