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Nikon Z5 coming
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    Some rumored specs

    • 24MP full-frame sensor, Sony made
    • Same AF as Z6
    • Standard EVF, same as Z6
    • Cheaper top part, no top LCD
    • Note made for video due to big 1.7x crop in UHD modes
    • Will be advertised as vlogger camera anyway
    • IBIS, simplified, more plastic part used in sensor assembly
    • Magnesium alloy body covered in plastic, cheaper made comparing toi early models or competition
    • Body itself made smaller to save on cost
    • Very cheap 1.000k dots LCD screen (same as 6-7 year old models)
    • Nikon EN-EL15c battery with new protections from cheap alternatives creation
    • USB-C port, can be used for camera powering and charging
    • Dual SDHC UHS-II memory card slots
    • Second half of July announcement
    • Shipment can be delayed as much as November
    • $1299 US price, 1300 GBP, 1499 EUR


    638 x 467 - 46K
    645 x 471 - 35K
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  • The Nikon Z5 is rumored to be announced on July 21.

    Also it can be that it will be only more or less serious camera announced by Nikon (can be also rehashes still).

    As development since February almost stopped.

  • TOp post updated slightly.