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Comparison of online payment services for digital products
  • I am just setting up my website - - for selling software and films. I had originally thought that paypal would be the one to go with. But it turns out there are many countries that paypal does not work in.

    I am using Wordpress with Easy Digital Download theme with some integrated payment processing i.e. Amazon pay and Paypal. I will definitely offer these for payment options.

    So what do you recommend ? - I want to be able to accept money in all the BRICS - Brazil, Russian, India, China, South Africa.

    So far I have looked at Transferwise, 2Checkout as well.

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  • Need to find processor for credit cards.

    Paypal is one big disaster for anything like service, software and such.

  • Have you looked at 2Checkout ? It has the highest range in terms of nations.

  • @zcream

    I mean you can ask local bank and similar things about credit cards processing.

  • I have not used them for that purpose, but I am very happy with the service offered by transferwise for managing multiple currencies, so that's something.

  • Yes, I am going to use transferwise, but they do not accept third party credit cards.

  • Has anyone used Amazon Pay as a seller ? I wonder if there are any issues with tax withholdings.

  • @zcream

    Stay away from Amazon or Paypal, for small guys they are dangerous.