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Coronavirus: It is China to blame for all and everything
  • Special topic only for things related to blaming and accusing China.

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  • Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced today that she is preparing to file a lawsuit against China to hold the Communist nation accountable for the malicious and dangerous acts that caused death, health injuries, and serious economic loss from the COVID-19 crisis.

    “Too many Mississippians have suffered as a result of China’s cover-up,” said Attorney General Fitch. “They must not be allowed to act with impunity. Mississippians deserve justice and I will seek that in court.”

  • A report by The New York Times claims Chinese operatives helped spread false COVID-19 information via text and social media across the US. According to US intelligence officials, the Chinese operatives amplified disinformation about a national lockdown, and those messages then spread quickly on their own. Some of the tactics reportedly used -- like creating fake social media accounts to push messages to sympathetic Americans -- are reminiscent of techniques used by Russia-backed trolls, NYT reports.

  • who knows where the truth is

  • @flash

    History truth will be written by the winner in present trade and biological wars. For now it seems to be China, but who knows.

    So, ten years from now US children could read special chapter in school book, about their criminal goverment and its actions. Can check any source on how denazification worked in GErmany.

  • The two principle points, which are facts, are china said on jan 12th corona wasn't transmittable between humans, which was obviously a lie. And then they closed down Wuhan completely, but allowed international flights in and out to continue. These 2 points are independent of knowing origin, and are crimes against humanity by themselves.

  • China initially said "there is no clear proof of human to human transmission" on January 12, this is different than saying it was not transmittable between humans. However, China did confirm publicly on January 20, 6 days after, human to human transmission, followed by locking down Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province on January 23. On January 26, Chinese researchers and physicians published in English a scientific study stating the reproduction ratio R0 for COVID-19 as 2.2. Reproduction ratio means there is human to human transmission. Even after January 20, US CDC said that it is skeptical of human to human transmission in the case of COVID-19. And let's not forget the German designed RPT test kit protocol to detect COVID-19 was published by WHO on January 12, which US CDC and US FDA chose not to use.

  • Given the 1st US death is now on February 6, and the victim did not travel to China, then there is community transmission in US since at least early to mid January. Although the US did close down travel to China on January 31, it did not close down travel from Europe until March 12. Phylogenetic studies on SARS-COV2 strains show that 2/3 of the strains collected and analyzed on COVID-19 patients in NY are the mutated virus variant from Europe. Basically when US chose to impose travel restrictions from China and Europe, it is too late.

  • @ghkqn u have source for... ""US CDC said that it is skeptical of human to human transmission "" after jan 20th ?? AND...China knew for over a month the virus was transmittable. .... ...... an WHO are also guilty.... ..... and Obviously the path was china...italy...then ny. The west coast breakout path might have been different. And as well, the whole fake wetmarket cover lie propagated to hide the truth.

  • Officials speaking to CNN claim they’ve seen a surge of cyberattacks against American government agencies and pharmaceutical firms, and they’re pinning the campaign on China. The country is believed to be trying to steal COVID-19 research to aid development of treatments or vaccines.

    Of course, 100% info.

  • The argument that Birx and Trump were making was clear. China’s number was way out of line with the others, lower by more than a factor of 10. Therefore, China’s report was a lie. But in her chart Birx omitted data coming from countries of East Asia and nearby that have been praised by the US media for their performance and whose data are unquestioned in the West. Here are some relevant omitted data, taken again from The New York Times of April 19, with China included again for comparison.

    Deaths per 100,000 population

    South Korea: 0.5

    Japan: 0.5

    Australia: 0.3

    China: 0.3

    Singapore: 0.2

    Taiwan: < 0.1

    Hong Kong: < 0.1

    China’s number falls right into line with that of neighboring countries. Birx’s exercise, in fact, is a classic example of lying by omission, a half-truth being a full lie.

  • The people of Wuhan believe the death toll in their city that was the epicentre of the outbreak is 42,000 - not the 3,182 claimed by China.

    In America, the Trump administration is ramping up its attacks on Beijing - blaming President Xi's government for letting COVID-19 spread across the globe unchecked while the Communist regime saved face.

    Trump is backed by large numbers of Republican politicians amid claims from the US intelligence community that the virus escaped from a lab near Wuhan in an accident involving an intern. -Daily Mail

    See, they hide almost all corpses, horrible shitty communists.

  • Trump made the comments from the Rose Garden at the White House Monday after he was pressed by a reporter over a German newspaper report suggesting that China should be issued a $160 billion invoice for the impact on Europe's economy.

    The president responded he had a "much easier" idea: "We have ways of doing things a lot easier than that," Trump told the coronavirus press briefing. "Germany’s looking at things, and we’re looking at things, and we’re talking about a lot more money than Germany’s talking about."

    "We haven’t determined the final amount yet. It’s very substantial," Trump added, suggesting it would be significantly more than the $160 billion floated in German media.

    My personal prediction - US will demand China to supply all products for free for at least 2-3 years.

  • @Jleo....the asiatimes articles logic is flawed. So China says it numbers were equal to it's neighbors, even though the outbreak started there, first went out of control there, and was hidden by the authorities, but because their false stats conforms to it's neighbors stats, we should just believe them because they say so. The surrounding countries had time to prepare, closed down, unlike china who was trying to hide the outbreak. No one really believes china's numbers.That's why they're shutting down information. @Vitaliy...they weren't hiding corpses. Remember the urns.

  • China could have 50 times more coronavirus cases than claimed, Trump administration official says

    Officials point to the existence of seven funeral homes inside Wuhan city with a total incineration capacity of about 2,000 corpses per day. They also flag recent reporting that incinerators have been in near-constant use for 24 hours per day over the past several weeks. They note that, at this rate, the city's incineration capacity nears 60,000 corpses per month.

    I think CIA match overall US officials level lately.

  • In a furious effort to direct the world’s attention to blame China, Western media reported China undercounted 40% just last month. This week, it was first jacked up to 60%, then 100%, and now 400% referencing a wild, baseless guess from a HK university, where their students and faculty just a few months ago were roaming the city holding US and UK flags looking for mainland Chinese to beat up.

    Recent antibody testing in US reveals:

    Los Angeles infections may be 5,500% higher than reported.

    Santa Clara County may be 5,000-8,500% higher than reported.

    New York State infections may be 1,000% higher than reported.

    Governor Cuomo admitted reported deaths in NY is "not accurate”.
  • @stacyherbert ( co-host of the Keiser Report)

    The entire world saw China shutdown the entire city of Wuhan shuttering factories and the economy. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain could see they were ACTING as if this were very serious. I bought masks, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes at the end of January. Why didn't State?

    Secretary Pompeo @SecPompeo >Apr 23 .. We strongly believe that #China didn’t report the outbreak of the new #coronavirus in a timely fashion to the @WHO . Even after the CCP did notify the WHO of the coronavirus outbreak, China didn’t share all of the information it had.

    If Stacy and myself were able to see the situation clearly and respond early, why couldn’t our government? This isn’t rocket science. The Chinese were acting as if the world had ended in cities across the country and we’re supposed to believe U.S. leaders simply listened to what the CCP was saying as opposed to what they were doing? How does that make any sense?

    It makes even less sense considering the Trump administration has been in an explicit cold war with China for almost two years. This concept that the American national security state just took China’s word for what was going on in the early days is preposterous. So what’s going on here? Similar to Russiagate, the increased focus on directing our ten minutes of hate at the Chinese provides cover for the elites, but Chinagate is far more dangerous because the narrative will prove far more convincing for many Americans.

  • China faking numbers again... oops :) America underestimates...China "lies" and "fakes" :)

    Coronavirus death toll: Americans are almost certainly dying of covid-19 but being left out of the official count

    The fast-spreading novel coronavirus is almost certainly killing Americans who are not included in the nation’s growing death toll, according to public health experts and government officials involved in the tally. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counts only deaths in which the presence of the coronavirus is confirmed in a laboratory test. “We know that it is an underestimation,” agency spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said.

    A widespread lack of access to testing in the early weeks of the U.S. outbreak means people with respiratory illnesses died without being counted, epidemiologists say. Even now, some people who die at home or in overburdened nursing homes are not being tested, according to funeral directors, medical examiners and nursing home representatives.

  • @jleo...a confabulation of quotes from archive don't contradict the stupid theory put forth in the asiatimes article. In fact occams razor's truth is obvious. And per the kaiser report group, it's easy to see they aren't looking at the whole timeline, and don't mention numbers at all. As per articles saying the USa is under reporting....that could be true, but then ya'll are also saying that everyone but china was over reporting, including whatever cause of death as attributed to corona. So which is it ? I hate to agree with someone like pompeo, but the timeline is clear. And there were a number of anomalies of china's infection and death toll during the timeline that weren't logical, and at the same time chinese citizen journalist saying deaths were much higher, and china didn't respond to questions. Yes, alot of guesses. That's what someone has to do when the information is occulted . It boggles my mind why someone would believe any govt, especially a govt that controls information and arrests bloggers, and puts a million muslims in brainwash school. And not only, but they outlawed publishing any data that researches the viruses source. Next you're going to be telling me the virus escaped at that wet market. I read a chinese propaganda piece the morning feeding the wetmarket crapola. @Vitaliy...while all the evidence is anecdotal, for obvious reasons that people get arrested that contradict the official line, the "urn number" story as well as the "incinerator's going 24/7" story haven't been proven untrue.

  • @kurth

    It is not too hard to understand bureaucracy actions in China, including arrests. It is not related with attempts to just hide lot of stuff, but more related to attempts to save their position and position of small ruling elite.

  • @Vitaliy...but of course they are hiding stuff order to survive.

  • @kurth

    Most of this hiding happens in the minds of western elites and their presstitutes. As they just always place themselfs in Chinese authorities shoes.

  • @Vitaliy ...I don't agree. The fact is the ccp hid the virus for over a week....fact. They also hid the fact that it was contagious. These events didn't have anything to do with western elite pressitutes, and proves there's good reason, coupled with the fact we know they're trying to hide information about the viruses origin, to not believe a fuxin word they say.

  • @kurth

    In such case you need to do something with US officials. Why not accuse them of treason? Because their actions initially had been certainly much worse compared to Chinese you so do not like.

    And all this children like behaviour that China had been oblidged to do something for them, to inform them certain way. Not serious.