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Good quote: The Unconquerable Inscription
  • During the First World War
    In a cell of the Italian prison in San-Carlo
    Chock-full of deserters, marauders, tramps,
    A socialist soldier, with an indelible pencil, scratched on the wall:

    “Long live Lenin!”

    Written high up, near the very ceiling
    of the half-dark cell,
    those words could be hardly distinguished.
    But the warders saw them
    and sent a painter into the cell,
    Armed with a brush and a bucket of whitewash
    to blot out the dangerous phrase

    But the painter just traced it over with whitewash
    And again it appeared on the wall
    this time not in pencil, but in chalk:

    “Long Live Lenin!”

    another painter came in and slapped whitewash all
    over the wall.

    The inscription, it seemed, had vanished. But then,
    the next morning
    the moisture dried up, and again it stood out
    through the chalk:

    “Long Live Lenin!”

    Now the warders come in with a stonemason
    holding a scraper.
    For a whole hour, he scraped off letter after letter,
    yet when he had finished, again it shone in the cell,
    cut in stone, the unconquerable inscription:

    “Long Live Lenin!”
    “Now, you can knock down the wall if you like,”
    Said the soldier.

    Bertolt Brecht