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GH2 Mode dial stuck on Auto mode
  • Hi there. I'm new to this forum and recently purchased a few Panasonic GH2s and patched them with Sanity X hack with plans to use them to film small concerts. One of the three that I purchased has an interesting issue where the mode dial at the top of the camera seems to be fixed in Auto mode and doesn't seem to change to other modes except for Progressive. The letter on the bottom left side of the LCD displays A mode and only changes to P when I move the mode dial to P. The camera does not seem to switch over to Movie mode or AI or any of the other modes when I turn the dial at the top of the camera. This particular issues was already present before the installation of the Sanity X hack and the issue continues to persist. I would like to use this camera for it's manual video mode in Cinema 24p and would like to know if there is a solution for this issue.

    I have a quick video of both my cameras. The first camera is the one with the issue and I have followed by another GH2 which is functioning reliably and well with the Sanity X hack patched in. [


    Ideas and/or suggestions on what I could try would be appreciated.

    A big thanks to those who have placed so much effort into creating hacks for the gh2. I hope to explore the true value of a hacked GH2 as I navigate my way around this site.