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Coronavirus: Propaganda and desktop sales
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    Media propaganda told you that buying notebook is best idea for home work. And it can't be more far from the truth.

    As notebook has bad keyboard compared to any, even cheap, desktop mechanical one, it is much less powerful, and it had small and badly placed screen.

    It is also almost non upgradable.

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  • Wait for it. Desktop PC sales will increase exponentially very soon. Especially when the long flattening out period happens.

    We are still in honeymoon stage. (Zoom, Phones etc). But this will change, and demand for desktops, and upgradeable systems will be greater than supply.

  • Laptops were nice for having in the library at University. Otherwise, all my work was done in my dorm/apartment on my desktop.

    Now, nearly all my professional work is done on a desktop. There's just no comparison in comfort and ease of use.

  • In terms of keyboard, The best is by far the original IBM Model M (buckling switch keys). I am totally addicted to it. Nothing on the current market ever come close to it, including offerings from Microsoft, Logitech, etc.

    I have kept an original IMB Model M at work place that is clicking perfectly, just like new. Over the last couple of years I have bought two imitation copies from Unicomp for home use. unfortunately the copies from Unicomp have bad circuit board and/or chips inside and have died short after a year. Time to buy a genuine IBM keyboard now. Used ones run around $200 to $280, new ones (new in old stock) run around $500 to $800. They are worth every penny.

  • @paulhouston

    IBM is considered best for many, I started my regular PC work on exactly such model that had been supplied with IBM PS/2 computers. But also tried XT and simialar keyboards before.

    We have resurgance of better keyboars mostly due to gamers.

    Corporations instead try to buy shitty keyboard wholesale or do not buy them at all - just provide some small Thinkpad with TN screen and cheapest config.

    I am not even talking that making reliable bucket spring switch is much cheaper compared to typical mechanical one.

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  • I like keyboards with Topre electrostatic capacitive switches.

    RealForce 88UB 45g, Leopold FC660C, Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Pro 2

  • 2020 projections:

    DIY market may shrink by 30% in 2020 if the pandemic lingers, according to sources

    Main reasons here are as follows:

    • Huge media propaganda of top smartphones and top notebooks that still dominate all the info space
    • Idiotic focus on premium gaming PCs that are bough for credit money by people who have unstable income
  • Notebook supply is expected to fall short of demand in May as components production in the Southeast Asia is being hindered by local contigencies against the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Lenovo Group, the world’s biggest maker of personal computers, reported a deep slump in fourth-quarter profit due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus crisis, although the result was far better than expectations.

    Lenovo Chairman Yang Yuanqing told that the company estimates that in two to three years the total addressable market for PCs industry-wide may have increased by 25% to 30%.

  • And yet it is still doom and gloom predictions


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  • Lots of desktop components in are now with big price hike here. Products in low and middle segment have had the most increase.

    In GPUs, 1030 Nvidia hiked 200%, 1050ti hiked 100% in local prices. Outdated cards like Nvidia 210 and 710 are being sold into low end. You can still find old stock that not hiked that much with less popular cards like 1060 or 1070. Turing cards hiked less but dont have low end segment. AMD is cards are less severely affected but still hiked.

    CPU and storage had similar trend, memory is somehow not that much affected.

  • Despite massive media propaganda result is lackluster

    Notebook demand from users working from home weakened in May. The top-5 notebook brands together witnessed a on-month drop of 2% in May.

    HP's notebook shipments fell 6% on month in May, while those of Dell were flat from a month ago.

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    The Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) traditional PC market (desktops, notebooks, and workstations) surged YoY in 2020Q2 (+26.4% YoY) and totaled 20.7 million units, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). As supply and logistic bottlenecks eased up, the enormous pent up demand for notebooks (+49.0% YoY) was more than enough to offset the desktop softness (-16.1% YoY).

    The Western European PC market exceeded already positive expectations with a momentous growth of 30.6% YoY, the strongest overall growth since 1998, as COVID lockdowns incurred ongoing commercial strength (+20.5% YoY) and unprecedented consumer demand (+51.2% YoY).

    "2020Q2 marks the highest consumer growth ever recorded in Western Europe" said Liam Hall, senior research analyst, IDC Western Europe Personal Computing. "Lockdowns meant single device households were faced with the infeasibility of sharing 'the family computer' to accommodate multiple, simultaneous demands to work, study, and provide entertainment. Additional notebooks have been the key solution here, jumping 61.4% YoY, but even desktops had strong demand with +10.8% YoY growth."

    On the commercial side, growth was entirely driven by the sharp uptake of notebooks (+55.2% YoY), offsetting the heavy desktop decline (-30.4% YoY). Notebooks were undoubtedly the prominent solution used to address the exceptionally high demand to work and study from home and were further boosted by a strong backlog from Q1 due to the supply and logistic constraints in the quarter. There were still pockets of demand for desktops, for example in businesses that were confident that employees would transition full time to working from home so did not require a mobile form factor. However, high market inventory and uncertainties around employees' future working habits led to the negative desktop performance.

    Both CEE and MEA recorded an outstanding performance in the traditional PC market, especially the CEE region which outperformed any expectations and posted a growth of 29.6% YoY. The MEA region grew more modestly resulting in a 6.9% YoY increase.

    All leading bloggers and sites got record budgets to promote notebooks instead of much cheaper and better desktops. This is bad result of prostitutes working.

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  • New prognosis for next 5 years if working coronavirus vaccine won't happen

    All numbers are YoY 2025 to 2019.

    • Flagman Android smartphones sales -70%
    • Middle segment Android smartphones sales -20%
    • Entry level segment Android smartphones sales +5%
    • Apple iOS smartphones sales - 85%
    • Windows light notebooks sales +20%
    • Windows enterprise notebooks sales -40%
    • Windows gaming notebook sales -5%
    • Apple Expirience Line of ARM iOS based notebooks sales - -30% (compared to Air)
    • Apple Creators Line of AMD MacOS based notebooks sales - +10% (compared to Macbook Pro)
    • Custom and DIY Windows desktop sales - +250%
    • Consumer and enterprise ready to run desktop sales - +100%
  • First toilet paper, then yeast. Now laptops are hard to find

    Denver Public Schools began the process of ordering devices in April for the fall, and by mid-July had completed orders for more than 12,500 Lenovo 300E touchscreen laptops, Hussain said. The district had previously used that device and believed it had the features and durability needed for remote learning.

    But several weeks later, the district's third-party supplier said the order was stuck in US Customs, and encouraged DPS to look into alternatives. "We worked on a myriad of fronts to look at other solutions," Hussain said. "We started calling big box stores, Amazon, to see what was the max amount that we could order over any number of days. What we saw very quickly was that there was no inventory, not even a fraction of what we needed."

    Best Buy (BBY) CEO Corie Barry said on an earnings call last week that "stronger-than-anticipated demand" as the company reopened stores "resulted in more constrained product availability." Amazon (AMZN) declined to comment, but its website also shows limited stock for some devices.

    So the Denver school district dug through school storage units and refurbished old laptops, and asked families that borrowed devices in the spring to return them if they had other options. It also bought other laptops for nearly $100,000 more than what it had originally planned to pay.

    This year, though, demand this year has been so great that tech companies have been left scrambling to meet the need.

    "Acer and the entire industry are facing historic demand for computers and monitors," a spokesperson for device maker Acer said in a statement to CNN Business. "Component supply is fairly tight; however, Acer and our supplies are working diligently to put products in the hands of customers as quickly as possible."

    Similarly, an HP (HPQ) spokesperson said: "We are working hard to help schools get computers in the hands of students as quickly as possible."

    The rapid increase in demand compounded existing pressure on many tech companies' supply chains. Even before the coronavirus hit, device makers were already grappling with tariffs and other Trump administration restrictions on trade with China. And in the early days of the pandemic, many producers in China temporarily shut down factories or scaled back operations. "When [laptop] sales started increasing in March, no one started out in a good place," NPD analyst Stephen Baker said.

    Still, he added, if things had normalized after several weeks, tech suppliers would likely have caught up. "But the fact that it's gone on for five months means that it's a challenge," he said.

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  • Note how small is change in monitor sales


    Lot of people will get serious health issues constantly working with bad pose and notebook small screens that are wrongly places for any prolonged work.

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  • Look again at the predictions


    Good sales of notebooks is complete anomaly during rise remote work.

    And it can be only attributed to total PR on all tech sites, as they actually significantly REDUCED desktop component mentioning and almost never recommend them until you wan to top gaming computer.

    Why they did it? Because advertisers and Amazon (as largest affiliate partner) asked for this. Directly.

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  • Global notebook shipments, excluding detachable models, surged over 10% sequentially to hit a fresh high of 60 million units in fourth-quarter 2020, mainly driven by robust demand for remote work and study amid the worsening pandemic woes, year-end e-commerce promotion campaigns and government subsidies to consumers.

    Shipments for the entire 2020 advanced over 25% on year to a 9-year high of 201 million units.

    Quite bad, I must say, considering that 90% of notebooks are unrepairable and non upgradable mess. Plus people are using subpar small keyboards with wrong hands placement and stare at small badly located and angled screen.

    It is major crime, I must say. But average notebook provide around 5x better profit compared to same performance, upgradable desktop with much larger and better screen.

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    Companies now work tight with all leading channels and sites in pushing notebooks.

    New thing is also tell people about why we have record price hikes and presstitutes are telling you that manufacturers are not responsible it is just outside their control (this is total lie0.

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  • Global notebook shipments not including devices with detachable keyboards went down only 8.7% sequentially in the first quarter of 2021 as demand for education and gaming models remained robust and previously unfulfilled orders were delivered.

    Although component shortages will remain serious, brand vendors will continue pushing their shipments to more than 62 million units in the second quarter of 2021 , up around 10% from a quarter ago.

    It is very interesting that now all, 100% leading sites got direct orders to push only notebooks for any work related publications or reviews. Apple have special program on private collaboration and it is main reason of their sales jump in last 6 months.

  • Notebooks push continues


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    It is also interesting how media and firms managed to not allow you to purchase desktop now.

    As prices on GPU is huge, memory also is not so good, large SSD prices also rose, good power supplies prices also not good.

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  • India PC shipments surged 50.5% on year in the second quarter to 3.18 million units this year, and 77% of the total shipments were notebooks. HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer are the top-4 brands; Asus and Apple sit together in fifth.