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Coronavirus: Masks and respirators discussion
  • Topic is made for detailed discussion of protection you can get for coronavirus.

    Short main posts are at

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  • @kurth

    the future.... and these were on amazon and disappeared.... bearhoho

    This is scam or similar.

    Just look for proper proven solution with large filter area.

  • Cuomo ordered any hospitals with ventilators and PPE not in use, to turn them over to the National Guard to be distributed to hospitals in dire need. For the past two days, Cuomo has warned that the supply of ventilators is dangerously low in many hospitals.

    Mixing ventilators and masks is little strange.

    As you can make hundreds of thousands of masks instead of one ventilator, plus 85-98% of people you put on vilntilators die (according to doctor reports).

    Second point of fight is prevent so severe lungs damage at all costs (as once it is done it is very inefficient to fight), and prevent any contamination with virus at all.

  • @Vitaliy...these might be, but the concept to just filter the nose is ideal. I'd make it an almost weightless single silicone unit that offers a secondary seal around the top, sides and base of the nose, maybe applied with some type of skin cream/i.e. sealant, along with the septum clip to prevent it from moving. Nobody is going to wear full nose and mouth masks for years. And truthfully that's what we are probably facing.

  • @kurth

    Nobody need to wear masks for years. Do not worry. All this panic and horror come just from citizen mindset that had been dumbled down to hell

    Such extreme things are required to bring panic down, show that we can perfectly handle the issue, throw out existing cancer in the society and start looking for proper long term solution for ALL common viruses.

    Note that common thing pushed by all mass media - let professionals handle the issue, delegate all responsibility to them. Ouch, they fucked up? Sorry, they can't be made responsible, they are heroes and so on.

    People during WWII times did not think that solution will come from the clouds above, that you can buy anything printing money. And this is mindset of cancer like elite that it spreads despite it is against each and every working class. person interests.

    For now it is around 10x more pros working for DNA specific cancer treatments for elite than all flu/coronavirus like researchers.

  • @Vitaliy....somehow it just seems like we're gonna be wearing masks for years, if the alternative "solution" is discover a cure for all coronaviruses...cause I read that this virus was specifically designed to make it impossible to make a vaccine, and even the best estimates is one & 1/2 years away. @jleo ...that video is funny cause they look like they're making mars rovers instead of 80% masks...and if they weren't trying to protect the workers from a virus , they'd be in a damp basement using cheap sewing machines. I'm's like the technology focus is the opposite of how reality should be.

  • ...just bought me a disposable 3m n95 9010. It completely seals around my face perfectly and it's really comfortable in comparison but will require delicate handling. Maybe last me a couple of months...maybe more if I'm real careful and don't sweat too much.

  • @kurth

    Bad thing with such respirators as yours is open outer surface, as you get it off you can get nice doze of viruses :-)

    This is why proper multi use respirators with closed filters are much better idea.

  • North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state and one of the hardest hit, paid €14.7 million for some 10 million masks in March only to discover they did not exist, according to prosecutors in Traunstein, Bavaria.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday a lesson to be learnt from the pandemic was that Europe needed to develop self-sufficiency in the production of critical medical gear like masks.

    “Regardless of the fact that this market is presently installed in Asia… we need a certain self-sufficiency, or at least a pillar of our own manufacturing” in Germany or elsewhere in the European Union, Merkel told reporters in Berlin.

    And who closed and moved all production to China? Must be Santa...

  • New Dearth Vader


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  • @Vitaliy...a mask is only as effective as it is easy to use. I have an old paint respirator I've modified with inserting a modified n95 filter . It's uncomfortable and hot as shit and I'll never use it unless there's an emergency. To avoid any problems of contamination when removing a disposable, the over-the-head straps have to be modified for around the ear. You get home , grab one side to undo it, and hang it in the sun....simple and easy to use. And no need to touch the exterior. And I'm not working in a corona ward. Or is that you above hehe? That really scary. original n95 is a molded with filter insert...but many times I've been too lazy to use it. The disposable solves this problem...and I'm not planning a trip to mars anytime soon.

  • image

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  • this has got to be a joke....or maybe it's nitrous oxide.

  • LensCoat making masks from that they have... for medics



    Only way it works is if virus will be so shocked and confused that it'll die instantly.

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  • People started thinking

    I have to wonder if our state government’s lockdown of the population, curtailment of civil liberties, destruction of job opportunities, and denial of basic medical, education, and cultural needs would have been necessary and legally justified had each of us been equipped with our own supply of masks.

    Before the next virus crises hits, I propose we adopt a new symbol of American Freedom and Liberty–The N95 Mask–and shield ourselves from the next outbreak of panic legislation and overreach by executive and administrative power

    Yes, it is some good reason why none of the goverments are doing anything to make lot of simple N95 masks.

    Masks and respirators real availability clearly can become stick in the front wheel for capitalism.

  • image

    Typical strange thingy. How "direct splash protection" help with coronavirus?

    Why all this shitty Apple idea to make face shields? Especially considered that Apple is typical company that act against people intrests.

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  • @Vitaliy...on january 1st, even if the govts had mailed every person in the world an n95 mask, less than10% would have used it. There's still a large portion of the worlds population that thinks it's a hoax ! They say no one they know has died. They would have claimed forced mask use violates their freedom of expression ! And note the faulty use of goggles which doesn't allow proper seating of the mask. The face shield is to scare people away ! In mexico, the concentrated pockets of contagion are in hospitals...for lack of ppe and lack of knowledge. Govt is now estimating the number of cases using 26,000. It's going to be a massacre.

  • on january 1st, even if the govts had mailed every person in the world an n95 mask, less than10% would have used it.

    On January 1st they needed tiny amount of masks that must be provided to all travellers, as well as proper camps must be organized, instead of self-isolation, for them.

    On present day it is no problem to provide proper masks and force using them. And clearly explain whole plan, step by step.

    But all we have for now is hysteria and fear. And mass media putting more sticks to this

  • @Vitaliy...either solution wouldn't work. I was being facetious. Which travelers would you put into camps ? Camps sounds like concentration camps, and that's how people would have perceived it. But...we have this.... which makes no sense. Nationwide Nurses walkout, anyone ?

  • @kurth

    We now have 4 billion people sitting at home and hundreds of millions without work already.

    So, we could live with 200-300 thousands of mostly rich people being 25 days in closed camp. As I already said, but ruling class could not spank itself.

  • @Vitaliy....hey I'm all in for putting rich people in camps even if they aren't sick ! I've told alot of people this...and it's a metaphor...a funeral cost alot more money than rice and beans. Of course , none of the coronavirus victims are getting real funerals, but the point is....sitting at home ...and not wasting days working for some capitalist scum ...should be the greatest learning experience of the decade. People have been brainwashed into thinking working is good for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, 1 in 100 has a job they love. If you want the truth about that just ask them if they'd work for free.

  • @kurth

    .sitting at home ...and not wasting days working for some capitalist scum ...should be the greatest learning experience of the decade. People have been brainwashed into thinking working is good for them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Working and socializing is very good. You just need to change social system for work to become most cherished thing in people life.

    While sitting home playing computer games and watching stupid shows is that ruling class wants. Remember - they are authors of this whole show (with real virus playing main role!).

  • On how masks don't help


    On all medium to big Chinese firms masks are mandatory and are provided ro all workers, special people check that they are on during work.

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  • @Vitaliy....I've never played a computer game in my life. When I waste time now, it's on your forum lol! These days were made for art and music. And come on , amigo...working for someone elses dream is wasting your life.

  • The US government has executed the Defense Production Act for the law’s first project during the Covid-19 outbreak. The act allows the government to order private industry to assist in the defense of the nation. The $133m project will “increase domestic production capacity of N95 masks to over 39m in the next 90 days,” according to a government press release.


    And again N95 masks and not proper silicone respireaots with changable HEPA filters.

    All this comes from management who absolutely can't grasp any tech concept.