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Coronavirus: Taiwan, Korea and Japan paradox
  • Goggle made special tracking service and here are some results

    Traffic - cultural, entertainment, food (ready), sports


    Traffic - grocery stores and pharmacies


    Traffic - transport hubs


    Traffice - people sitting at workplace


    530 x 959 - 151K
    526 x 963 - 110K
    527 x 962 - 151K
    525 x 957 - 135K
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  • It seems like little secret of this countries is just simple masks usage.

    No, not proper N95 or P3 filters, but simple masks (as it is also really superb for stopping airdrops spread).

    They did not stop emidemy, same as China, but slowed it and weather helps them now.

  • Of the members of American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, 94.8% are satisfied with the Taiwan government's efforts to control the coronavirus pandemic, according to a sample survey conducted by the group.

    AmCham Taipei said 72% of the members had taken measures to cope with the outbreak before the coronavirus got widespread, and 37% of them expect the pandemic to end in the third quarter of 2020, 25% in the fourth quarter, and 15.7% in 2021.

    While 12.7% of the members expect business in first-half 2020 to meet or exceed targets despite the pandemic, 61.2% expect it to slip below 50% on year, 14.9% to slip 50-75%, and 11.2% to slip over 75%.

    Always check ruling class position.