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SD Cards other than SanDisk
  • Has anyone tried the Delkin brand class 10 SDHC card? It claims to have a 95mb/s read and 80mb/s write. It's a UHS-I card and is categorized as an SDHC card. I wonder if these will work with any of Driftwood's high-quality hacks? Spanning? Can anyone comment on whether they've tried this card out, or based on the specs if this card will deliver the goods?

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  • Hey, I just posted something similar in the Quantum X v2 thread. I read recently about a Transcend UHS-I card that had write speeds up to 85mb/s I believe. Wondering if anyone has tried those out. Although at the moment they only make a 8GB and 16GB.

  • @A_Boy_Named_Soo I just stubled upon the 32 GB Delkin Elite633 SDHC card as well. Where did you find it is a class 10 card? I can't find any class 10 logo, which makes me suspicious. It is the same as the Sandisk Extreme Pro 45 MB/s, which also didn't have a class 10 logo and also a minimum write speed which was much lower then 10 MB/s. So I wouldn't by it before doing some proper testing.

    On the other hand, they claim it has 80MB/s (be aware: this is 80x8=640 mbps) write speed. They don't say it is maximum write speed, like the 95MB/s Sandisk do, and they say it's the fastest card on the market. So I am pretty interested in this claim.

    @sanzadez I guess this is not new to you, but might be interesting for others: The Tanscend UHS-I card states maximum write speed. You want to know the avarage write speed, but that's never written on the package. The maximum write speed might indicate a higher average write speed, but it doesn't really say very much.

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