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Coronavirus: Mistery of vaccines
  • For years all mass media told us that vaccines are 100% safe and can't cause any issues. And everyone who tell opposite is moron and must be banned. Early this year we had special AI tools installed by Facebook and Youtube to punish everyone who ask any questions.

    Here comes coronavirus. Lot of countries and companies report how they already made vaccine, but it needs ONE YEAR for tests. Usually here they become silent. Why one year? What are being tested? It turns out that they want to test only big health complications that vaccine can cause. As modern vaccine is artificial and presents only parts of proteins it can cause everything, as similar parts can be found in lot of normal cells. Surprise, surprise.

    Overall it looks like ruling class is in complete control and wants panic to spread and continue under careful supervision and with assistance from mass media.

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  • More than 20 companies are racing to produce a cure for the novel coronavirus.

    And the race is for record profits, not to save your life. No, this guys are on the side of the virus, not yours.

  • That's the truth!

  • looks like anti vaxxers could be right. Maybe we might see some class actions.

  • although the medical industry and mainstream media have vilified anti-vaxxers and families who believe it caused their children to be autistic, vaccines can cause autoimmunity, a deranged immune system that attacks your body including vital organs, nerves, muscles and brain.

    Like other drugs, vaccines can cause adverse events, but unlike conventional medicines, which are prescribed to people who are ill, vaccines are administered to healthy individuals, thus increasing the concern over adverse reactions. Most side effects attributed to vaccines are mild, acute and transient; however, rare reactions such as hypersensitivity, induction of infection, and autoimmunity do occur and can be severe and even fatal.

  • @jleo

    It is very bad description.

    Vaccines can cause autoimmunity, a deranged immune system that attacks your body including vital organs, nerves, muscles and brain.

    As it is fully opposite. Vaccine has certain proteins that cause all this and immunity system is not deranged, it is fully normal, just for this people vaccine proteins matched something in their own cells or blood.

    Also, vaccine is behaving not like any normal virus do (as it is just free floating proteins that can't accidently get into blood except needle), sometimes causing extreme response. Because immune system (actually it is your brain!) makes wrong decisions based on the data it has, as such amount of fragmented proteins can mean extremely severe infection in normal case.

    To avoid legal liability big pharma use such terms and papers.

  • just for this people vaccine proteins matched something in their own cells or blood.

    Very true.

    ...although the term deranged or deranged immune system is often used in medicine, in relation to autoimmunity.

    Delineating the deranged immune system in the antiphospholipid syndrome

    Autoimmune Diseases Traced to Immune Cells Deranged by Epigenetic Aberrations

    In Vitro–Deranged Intestinal Immune Response to Gliadin in Type 1 Diabetes

  • @jleo

    Science and medical science is not abstract thing existing in vacuum.

    It is class thing, and now medical scientists serve ruling class of capitalists. Ones that serve bad or refuse to serve are being thrown out and shut down.

  • Ask FDA. Regulations are strict as its always a high risk to distribute and apply any drugs which are hardly known. You should lower your expectation that scientists can foresee everything and develop with high success rate.

    These regulations are in place to protect people otherwise you take some wonder drugs which will kill more than the virus ever can do...

  • @tida

    You can write any "strict" papers. But reality is very different.

    Most of checks are formal and lot of them are made by completely dumb people who just check specific one thing.

    Scientists in present state are mix of "what do you want?" guys and parasites, with 10-15% only being people who really love their job and fight for good things. It is not that people are so bad - it is that system is screwed.