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Imaging Resource aquired by publishing corp
  • Madavor Media has acquired the Imaging Resource brand and website, allowing IR’s uniquely objective, balanced and always good-humored voice to continue into the future!

    Madavor is a pretty unique company; their slogan is “The power of passion - The energy of enthusiasm”. That describes their publishing business very well; their strength has been how they’ve focused their mostly-print business on a range of subjects that people are truly passionate or enthusiastic about. In the photo arena, they publish the Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo Pro magazines, and the Digital Photo and HDVideoPro websites.

    IR will fit right in with those pubs, with a lot of strategic advantages on both sides of the equation.

    Going forward under Madavor, the IR staff will consist of just the two main IRHQ guys, Dave Pardue and William Brawley, hopefully with some support from freelancer Jeremy Gray as well. This is a lot more supportable than the 10 people (counting employees and freelancers) that we previously employed.

    After 22 years of 6.5-day weeks, it's definitely time for me to step back a little; I need some serious time to clear my brain and relax in my basement workshops (woodworking, a little metalworking hopefully to be expanded on, electronics and 3D printing).

    I also want to pursue other passions, especially intellectual property consulting and expert witness work. I’ve worked as both a consultant and an expert witness on patent cases, and absolutely love it, but I couldn’t pursue that work while simultaneously continuing to run IR.

    Most probably site won't survive this year, sadly.