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Modify your elec bike in France...go poorly to jail
  • Unbelievably ...modify your electric bicycle in France to be more powerful, face a 30k euro fine and a year in jail.

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  • E-bike speeds are subject to regulation throughout the EU, but the top speed limit for standard e-bike power in France is 25 km/h (15.5mph), which is relatively slow, even compared to pedal bikes (speed pedelecs, meanwhile, count as a special class of bike and are permitted up to 45 km/h). It's no surprise, then, that riders are modifying their wheels, either by changing display settings or making modifications to hardware such as speed sensors. Typically, e-bikes will come with two settings for European and US markets.

    This guys just fear e-bikes a lot.

    As EU cities highly depend on fines they collect on car drivers and parking income.

    It is huge "free money", and improving e-bikes can make this nice river much smaller.