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In-camera livestream via Wifi?
  • Hi,

    I'm currently using a GH3 and the way to do a live stream seems to be via HDMI and a dedicated capture device (I have a Luki #1). I'm wondering: These days cameras have Wifi, are there any Panasonic cameras that can use their Wifi to livestream without any extra hardware required? Either directly to YouTube and other services or via a PC.

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  • I'm using a Panasonic HC-VX1 Camcorder and it will livestream to the Panasonic ImageApp on Android and others.

    However, the resolution is small. Not good enough to record. As a monitor it might be ok but it's really hard using a tiny mobile phone to actually monitor video. No idea who thought up that idea but it wasn't anyone involved in Professional Filming in my opinion.

    You could connect a Professional HDMI transmitter up to the HDMI and transmit in full resolution to wifi that way.

    There's a program called GMaster/Lmaster on Github which duplicates the Image App application.

    Panasonic have recently released "Lumix Sync" on high-end Lumix models so it matches their claim to have it "working".

  • totally seaparate/ontopic sorta. Is there a way to trick youtube into thinking your phone is a pc/laptop? I live in Tokyo and always want to do live streams from cool spots, but without 1000 subscribers it's only allowed from "computers". I loathe everything about "smartphones" and try to avoid them at all costs, but the one time something would actually be useful in my world, I am locked out of it.