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Panasonic GX10 Coming Soon
  • Rumors started spreading

    GX10 will have a plug for a microphone but not for headphone and is planned for the beginning of 2020

    According to my data it'll be minimal update as almost all Panasonic resources moved from m43 bodies.

    All major features must be same, including 30 min limits, non working HDMi during capture and so on.

    New LSI must debut only with GH6 as far as I know.

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  • If Panasonic has any hopes of getting back to real world sales, they need to release a full lineup of G powerhouses, in line with Fujifilm's offering. G9 fw upgrade may have been a dip of their toes into water they are scared to jump into. That organic filter 8k micro four thirds sensor that was too hard to make sure would make a splash if anyone had the balls to dive in. Part of me admires what camera companies are trying to do with full frame, but part of me cringes at how they jumped in and seemingly through away their life vests.