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GH5 image app connectivity question
  • I have a slight problem with the connection of the GH5 to the Image app. Up to a year ago, I could start the whole procedure from the iphone,(for example we were driving home after a shooting, the camera in the bag in the trunk) i.e. waking the GH5 up, connecting with Wifi and then transfer pictures from the GH5 to the Iphone. Since about a year this is not possible any more. I have to switch the GH5 on go to replay mode and press the Wifi button on top. Only then I can go to the Iphone, connect the Wifi and then it all works.

    Any suggestions what to do to to be able to do it all from the Iphone again without touching the GH5?

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  • Try ‘Lumix Sync’

  • Thank you very much. I was not aware of the new app. Problem solved. Great!