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'Tactical Rig' old
  • Why exclusive? Because it comes with a unique shutter release pistol grip that can remotely enable video recording!
    I only have limited stock as I am not the manufacturer nor retailer.

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  • Price is about $400 with shipping as far as I can see.
    Not very low.
    If you remove this pistol grip advantage, Wondlan rigs seem to be better deal.
  • The pistol grip is indeed the advantage. I wouldn't even consider selling the rig without it
    Compared to Wondlan, this rig also has a collapsable stock and one extra handle.
  • Wondlan has also two handles version. For similar price ($330+shipping). Look at ebay.


    For USA residents who want cheaper option this rig -
    is good variant.


    It is light, cheap. No pistol grip, bit you can attach cheap remote with button to handle.
    Most important diference is that you can add short 15mm rails to mount FF or anything else.
  • Vitaliy, if you want to delete my post then go ahead. I couldn't care less. I am not a manufacturer nor a distributor. I buy these with retail price and sell them as a package because I think they are great for GH1 & GH2 shooters - and I know because I am a cinematographer by trade. I am only gaining a small commission. I had to drag a heavy bag of rigs from China back to Hong Kong, and bought the grips while in Japan. I only have 3 left and I won't have any more.
  • >Vitaliy, if you want to delete my post then go ahead.

    No one is going to delete your post.
    "I wouldn't even consider selling the rig without it compared to Wondlan".
    This is your own words.
    Do you expect me to not compare your product with its competitors?
    As from your words it seems so.
  • As I understand rig mentioned in first post is no longer available.
  • I wanna try out the Carry Speed rig that Vitaly posted above.

    But it's really hard to gauge how 1) ergonomically it will fit my body 2) how effectively the geometry positions the camera for stability and ease of viewing.

    I'd like to support the guy who, by all appearances, is an actual end-user who created a solution and is entrepreneurial enough to market it (although some of his marketing could use some professional assistance.)

    It looks like very high quality materials and costs even less than the super-bargain WONDLAN and CINECITY models that are similar... Is it too good to be true???

    Has anyone here used the Carry Speed Video rig?

    used gh13 + 14-140
    very recent graduate from point-n-shoot!
  • @ed_lee83 What's that lens on the picture of the rig? Looks like an amazing bit of glass!
  • Canon L lens... I guess.
  • So I went and looked at the Carry Speed ebay link. In the fifth picture there appears to be an arm / bracket. It does not appear in any of the other pictures. I am interested in it, not the rest of the rig.

    Anyone know what it is? I have emailed them and I'm waiting on their reply.

    UPDATE: They responded saying that the item in the picture was a top handle and was not included with the rig. They will be including a version with the handle for $150 more. Said they would post it tonight.

    They removed the picture that showed it with the rig.
  • It is available at ebay for long. And ebay will be about sma price or cheaper and much faster.
    It is made from steel as I understand, as cheap as possible can be made. Something at $20-30 region shipped from factory :-)
  • Hi Vitaly, stumbled back onto this page after a long while.
    I've finally gotten rid of all my rigs. I had assembled more because others expressed interest but they all went AWOL afterwards.

    @Mark_the_Harp: It's a Fujinon 12.5-75mm f1.2. It's modified so it can focus to infinity throughout the zoom. I have a few modded and am selling them through evilBay now.

    @kainekainekaine: These are made in factories just across the Hong Kong border. I can get them as cheap as US$50. I see lots of sellers on evilBay selling for $100+. I've tried them and the concept is OK, but it won't last long under professional use.
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