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Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR
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    Shoot videos with enhanced audio and visual quality, with two new accessories from Canon 

    Harness your creativity and capture movies and stills in new dynamic ways using the Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR and record crystal clear audio with the Canon Stereo Microphone DM-E100

    Canon Europe announces the addition of two ergonomic, lightweight and versatile accessories, the Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR and the Canon Stereo Microphone DM-E100. These small and affordable accessories will provide vloggers and videographers with higher quality audio and video content whilst also granting greater creative versatility when filming. 

    The Canon HG-100TBR is Canon's first tripod grip to feature wireless operation, thanks to the integrated Canon Bluetooth Remote Control BR-E1, making it the perfect vlogging accessory to shoot stunning video footage in a variety of styles, even from a distance. The Canon DM-E100 stereo microphone has an ultra-compact design and is Canon's lightest microphone to date in the accessory range. It enables vloggers and videographers to use it alongside the more compact cameras in the Canon line-up, such as the PowerShot G7 X Mark III, and improve the quality of their audio soundtrack whilst on the move.

    Film with confidence with the Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR

    The Canon HG-100TBR is a unique tripod grip that enables consumers to capture stable footage and film at a range of angles in a much more creative way. When mounted, the tripod grip enables the camera to rotate 360° left or right which can be locked in position, enabling easy recording whilst talking to the camera, or shooting at creative angles. Aspiring vloggers can also make use of the adjustable camera mount, which enables the camera to tilt forward 45° and back 90°, making it easier to capture quality video content from high and low angles and even in selfie mode. Furthermore, the tilting tripod head supports vertical movie recording when using with a camera that allows vertical movie shooting¹, making it well suited to those looking to capture content and share on social media.

    The ergonomic, lightweight design of the tripod grip makes shooting quality video over long period of time much more comfortable. The grip can also be set up as a tripod, enabling landscapes and group shots to be captured with ease. It can be easily folded up to fit in a camera bag, making it the perfect companion for vloggers shooting content whilst on the go.  The included Canon BR-E1 can be operated by the same hand when the product is used as a grip, and as a remote, when set up as a tripod, making it much simpler to start, stop and re-start recording footage.  

    When used with the bundled Canon BR-E1 wireless remote control, the Canon HG-100TBR tripod grip enables easy remote shooting, giving consumers control of the camera's shutter, zoom2, movie recording and AF from a distance. The tripod grip enables PowerShot camera owners to use the optical zoom remotely, to spontaneously shoot close-ups. 

    Enhance sound quality with the Canon Stereo Microphone DM-E100

    Videographers can now take their movies to a new level with ease thanks to the Canon DM-E100. A small and practical stereo microphone, which offers enhanced sound pick up and low noise to capture clear audio content. The Canon DM-E100 stereo microphone has an electret condenser design and boasts 120º unidirectional stereo sounds down to -40dB sensitivity, providing better perspective and a more realistic sound when recording videos. Complete with a 66 dB S/N (signal/noise) ratio, 100Hz to 10kHz sound frequency pick up and a wind screen to protect it from outdoor background sounds, the microphone enables users to capture a clear, wide sound scape with reduced noise. 

    This microphone is a great addition to any budding YouTuber's kit, ideal for recording 'how-to' tutorials, conducting product reviews and hosting interviews. With plug and play functionality, the microphone does not require a battery to work so users can capture high quality audio the moment they turn their camera on, simply by connecting the microphone with the built in 3.5mm audio jack3.  Weighing just 64g and no bigger than the palm of your hand, the Canon DM-E100 stereo microphone barely adds any extra weight to your camera and can slip easily into a pocket or camera bag. 

    Pricing & Availability

    Both the Canon HG-100TBR tripod grip and Canon DM-E100 stereo microphone will be available from Canon's online store and official Canon retailers from December 2019, with the following RSPs:

    • Canon Tripod Grip: £99 / €119
    • Canon Stereo Microphone: £99 / €119

    Canon HG-100TBR Tripod Grip Key Features

    • Easy to hold 
    • Detachable, wireless, Bluetooth enabled BR-E1 remote control3
    • Adjustable camera mount
    • Lightweight design
    • Compact size


    715 x 517 - 58K
    785 x 515 - 37K