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Nanlite MixPanel 60
  • The MixPanel LED Panel is a dynamic RGBWW light and the new flagship fixture from NANLITE. The user interface allows for customizable lighting effects and presets, within each effect allows for adjusting intensity, saturation, colors and frequency all of which can be saved for later, reshoots or for other scenes. Controlling options include DMX and Wifi compatibility, great for use in studios and on location productions. With a thin yet durable design, the MixPanel is made from the inside out to thrive in a wide variety of productions.

    Main things

    • MixPanel 60: 60W/ 6600 lux @ 1M 5600K
    • MixPanel 150: 150W/ 14950 lux @ 1M 5600K
    • CCT Range: 2700-7500K
    • RGBWW Technology
    • Customizable creative lighting effects / Gel emulation mode
    • CRI/TLCI: 98/95
    • DMX,Wifi & Remote control compatible
    • Optional softbox with eggcrate for more lighting shaping