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Graphical representation of data - asking for advice
  • I'm making a video with the objective to present some regional and macro-economic data info. I'm collecting references of video graphical representation of data, charts, etc. Looking for some input from you people here about what can be a good way or some place were you have seen it done good in any way.

    P.S. I'm really focusing on the graphical representation thing alone, apart from the narrative or the facts illustration in broadcast news thing, but discussion of it would also be welcome.


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  • Do you mean just charts or you need good software to make them nice?

  • Would be using After Effects for that project, probably, and the main thing of the video is making it nice and not boring. Will be working mainly with simple charts and geographic distribution maps. No narration for now, no need to the graphics to be in perfect scale, just transmit the idea of magnitude of the data and some motion.

    In the future will be using it in some narrative driven stuff, but not yet.

  • Some info-graphical video that is on the references list (but very text driven and not data focused).

  • Also Vox videos are on the reference list