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DJI Osmo Action topic
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    DJI Osmo Action

    • Sony IMX377 sensor (Hero7 Black has IMX277 with HDOL-HDR)
    • Ambarella H2 SOC
    • Lens 145 degree FOV
    • 4K/60

    The only thing this adds compared to the Hero7 Black seems to be the front facing selfie screen.

    While the Ambarella H2 SOC has 3D based image stabilization it's unlikely to compete fully with GoPro HyperSmooth.

    733 x 960 - 63K
    449 x 798 - 46K
    740 x 592 - 49K
    779 x 517 - 61K
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  • In action.

    800 x 482 - 41K
  • Last rumors : 1/2.3′′ 12MP CMOS Image Sensor – Sony IMX377 Ambarella H2 image processor FOV: 145° f2.8 Shutter: 1/8000-120s Video specifications: 4K60p with 8x slow motion, HDR and automatic time-lapse photography Shooting mode: single, AEB continuous shooting, countdown shooting, multiple continuous shooting, interval shooting

    769 x 1137 - 65K
  • I have issue with naming, why it is Osmo?

  • It is called Osmo because it supposedly has the same camera as the DJI Pocket Osmo.

  • It also has the same camera as the DJI Osmo Mobile 1 and 2.


  • There has been a update to the rumoured specifications:

    Ambarella H22 SOC

    I'm not sure if the IMX377 sensor does 1080/240, if not it's likely IMX277 as the GoPro.

    Waterproof to 11 meters. GoPro is 10 meters. ;-)

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    786 x 587 - 156K
    fee_786_587_png (4).png
    786 x 587 - 176K

    Live in the action

    Whether exciting action shots or cool vlogs, with the two high-quality screens of Osmo Action you have to compromise no more. Osmo Action's vibrant front-panel screen provides perfect selfies and captivating vlogs, while the screen on the back allows incredibly intuitive operation. This rugged and versatile action cam is a sophisticated combination of advanced technology and ease of use. Spend less time on complicated menus and spend more time in the action!

    RockSteady - courage to move

    DJI has years of experience in video stabilization and is one of the world's leading companies. With Osmo Action we go one step further. RockSteady combines electronic image stabilization with complex algorithms to make buttery shots no matter how brutal the action is.

    More dynamic details with HDR video

    HDR video provides even more dynamic and detailed shots. The Shooting mode provides natural transitions between dark and light areas, capturing more detail in complex lighting conditions.


    The Osmo Action offers high quality 4K videos at 60 fps at 100 Mbps. This not only ensures pin sharp videos, but also opens up a variety of options in post-production.

    Creative shooting modes

    Varied recording modes provide the necessary flexibility for recordings of all kinds.

    8x slow motion

    Epic moments can be captured in 8x slow motion with the Osmo Action - at a resolution of 1080p and 240 frames per second.

    Custom exposure settings

    The Osmo Action allows long exposure times of up to 120 seconds, which is perfect for shooting at night.

    Time lapse

    Capture the passage of time in an impressive way.

    Interval shooting

    Interval shots in RAW format leave all creative possibilities of post-processing open.

    Life is not waiting

    Action OS provides an efficient and easy-to-use interface. The system is lightning fast and easy to operate with the camera's three multifunction buttons. Turn on, record and switch modes - all in just a few moments.

    Custom mode

    The custom mode allows you to save a special camera settings for later. Save the best settings for every imaginable situation and retrieve them later in just a few seconds!

    QS button

    The "Quick Switch" button lets you quickly change through the various modes. It also lets you switch between the screens in just a moment.


    With the SnapShot function you are prepared for any spontaneous situation. Just hold down the record button to start recording in less than two seconds. Pressing the record button in sleep mode and when the power is off allows you to start preset recording modes.

    Voice control

    Five voice commands ensure effortless operation, such as taking photos or turning off the device.

    Robust and reliable

    11 meters waterproof
    Thanks to a waterproof seal and a water-repellent coating on the touch screen, the Osmo Action is waterproof to a depth of 11 meters.


    The lens features three aspherical lenses that effectively prevent distortion and provide a crystal clear image. The lens cap removes dirt and liquids, protects against fingerprints and thus remains ready for use even under the harshest conditions.

    Use in extreme temperatures

    The powerful batteries are fully operational even in extreme temperatures of -10 ℃.

    16% efficient cooling system

    An effective system for heat dissipation allows recordings over longer periods of time and up to 16% more efficiency.

  • @EspenB

    Try to format it better.

  • Filters are screw-on. And part of the waterproofing.

    640 x 360 - 11K
    640 x 360 - 13K
  • It should be noted here that ND--filters and EIS = epic fail in most cases.

    EIS does not do well with longer shutter speeds.

  • It seems like DJI has made a very nice GoPro competitor.

    And the Rock Steady EIS really rocks. With a whopping 18 per cent crop factor!!!

  • 142 degrees is really a wide angle. I have the GoPro most of the time 2.7K linear.

  • @peaceonearth

    Word is that Osmo Action does 4K Linear.



    DJI did a really good job with their first action camera and they even offer it for a lower price than the HERO7. The GoPro HERO7 still remains the king of action cameras when it comes to image quality, but the new Osmo Action introduced very interesting features, including the HDR mode, de-warp feature, and the full-color front display. It even beats the GoPro when it comes to stabilization, which is very impressive. Which camera is better depends on what you are looking for. For image quality, the GoPro is better, for other features I would prefer DJI’s Osmo Action. If DJI polishes the image a bit with a future firmware update, it might actually become the overall winner.
  • After reading and watching 10-15 reviews it seems that most objective people rate the HyperSmooth stabilization of the GoPro far better than Osmo Action. Additional points here is the frigging long processing delay of the Osmo RockSteady EIS, about 1 sec long, making live view for framing pretty useless. Also the crop is a whooping 18-22 per cent depending on the mode. Given that the lens on the Osmo Action is not that wide to begin with the EIS crop really makes the final image angle of view very narrow.

    The phoney iPhoneDo review should be examined closer as it's totally faked to make DJI look like a better performer. First of all the Osmo is in the center and naturally gets less shake than the cameras at either end. 2ndly the iphondoes fingers are actively shaking both the Sony and GoPro camera bodies as he ventures along the road. So let's give a finger to this dishonest turk.

    The DJI Osmo Action have 4K dewarp, but lets face it the lens doesn't have a very big fisheye effect to begin with so the amount of correction is miniscule compared to dearping a GoPro lens. That's probably why GoPro still has no dewarped linear mode in 4K resolution. Maybe if they up the ante and delivers a GP2 chip in the Hero8. I guess the wide/narrow difference here is a matter of personal preference.

    I have taken two frame grabs from the DC Rainmaker video to show the different lens performances.

    1920 x 1080 - 341K
    1920 x 1080 - 349K
  • PR

    DJI Osmo Action Camera Captures Every Adventure in Stunning 4K Detail

    New Camera Features Front and Rear Colour Screens and State-Of-The-Art Electronic Image Stabilisation

    DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, building on its heritage of advanced image stabilisation, takes a bold new direction with the Osmo Action camera. Utilizing DJI's unparalleled experience with capturing smooth and stable videos in the most demanding environments, Osmo Action is as rugged as it is sophisticated, opening worlds of creative potential for professionals and adventure seekers alike.

    "DJI has always pushed the limits of technology, and the content creators who love our products made clear they wanted us to push the limits of their creative potential too. Osmo Action is our cutting-edge answer to what the creative community demands. Exceptional image quality and stabilisation in a unique and durable new form factor, with dual colour screens and seamless software integration. For all types of creators who push their gear to the limits, Osmo Action sets the new standard," said Roger Luo, DJI President. "Whether you are capturing aerial content with Mavic 2, incredibly smooth content with Osmo Pocket, or heart-racing footage with Osmo Action, DJI offers a full suite of products for your creative needs."

    Rugged construction and intuitive design

    A compact yet durable design makes Osmo Action the ideal camera for life's adventures. Constructed to handle extreme conditions with ease, Osmo Action is dustproof, shockproof[1], waterproof[2] and has the ability to operate in sub-freezing temperatures[3]. Osmo Action utilizes color screens on both the front and back, a unique design feature that allows for more convenient scene composition while on the move. The 2.25-inch rear touchscreen employs a water and fingerprint repelling coating, and the 1.4-inch front screen makes vlogging and selfies easier than ever before. With a brightness of 750-nits, Osmo Action can be used in harsh lighting conditions including direct sunlight.

    Osmo Action's interactive user interface, Action OS, combines a streamlined and functional physical design with flexible operation. Power on, initiate recording, and rotate through the video and photo capture modes in the blink of an eye with three dedicated buttons. Never miss a moment with the help of SnapShot, which allows Osmo Action to turn on and begin recording in under two seconds by pressing the shutter button once.

    Advanced technology with exceptional image quality

    A 1/2.3-inch sensor records 12-megapixel photos and 4K video up to 60fps at 100Mbps in stunning detail, assuring high-quality footage. A three-glass aspherical lens design records low-distortion content and aids in reducing warping effects for improved scenes. The lens cap is finished with two layers of anti-fingerprint coating to keep the shot clean during use, as well as an anti-reflective coating to reduce the unwanted effects of lens glare, giving users more flexibility to shoot in bright conditions.

    Incorporating over a decade of experience creating three-axis mechanical gimbals, Osmo Action is the first DJI handheld camera to include RockSteady, DJI's Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) technology. High-performance stabilisation algorithms work in conjunction with EIS to record every movement in smooth, stable, high-quality video, even when recording 4K/60fps. Additionally, Osmo Action is capable of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video in 4K/30fps, delivering an additional three stops of dynamic range to the scene, natural transitions between light and dark areas, and rich details that are often lost in complex lighting conditions. Osmo Action has a removable battery with a run time of 93 minutes recording at 4K/30fps with RockSteady enabled, and 135 minutes recording at 1080p/30fps without RockSteady.Dual microphones let users take advantage of Osmo Action's Voice Control, and a speaker ensures outstanding playback quality.

    Creative, intelligent features

    A staple in DJI's product lineup, Osmo Action offers a wide variety of highly creative features built into the camera which users can access with a few simple taps. While recording, choose between:

    - Slo-mo: 8x slow motion in 1080p 240fps or 4x slow motion in 1080p 120fps creates a visually appealing effect when documenting action-packed scenes. - Timelapse: If the user is looking to turn minutes into seconds, Timelapse is perfect for capturing unique content with the effect of the world moving faster. - Custom Exposure settings: Shoot for the stars with manual and semi-automatic settings that allow up to 120 seconds of exposure, perfect for capturing the night sky.

    Unlocking Osmo Action's full potential

    Using the recently released DJI Mimo app, connect Osmo Action to your mobile device with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for added functionality, including a live feed of the camera, multiple story templates, in-app quick editing, and more. An ecosystem of accessories helps unleash all the possibilities of Osmo Action including:

    • Camera Frame Kit: Included with Osmo Action, the Camera Frame Kit offers a universal mount for additional accessories and a window for the LED indicator to show camera status in real time while protecting the device.
    • Adhesive Mounts: Attach Osmo Action to flat or curved surfaces including skateboards, bikes, helmets, and more to capture fast-paced moments. Both the curved and flat adhesive mounts are included with Osmo Action.
    • Waterproof Case: Thewaterproof case protects the device at depths down to 60 meters while providing a clear image using high-strength glass.
    • 3.5mm Adapter: The 3.5mm adapter offers users the ability to connect an external mic for professional sound recording.
    • Extension Rod: Capture unique angles using the Extension Rod, which features a rotatable phone holder and a ¼-inch screw adapter.
    • Floating Handle: The Floating Handle offers a comfortable grip for Osmo Action and keeps it floating when shooting in water.
    • Filters: Osmo Action comes withNeutral Density (ND), Polarizer, and underwater filters. ND filters (ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32) reduce light exposure in various environments, while Polarizer filters reduce reflections and increase colour saturation for a more appealing image. Orange Seawater and Purple Freshwater filters restore the natural colour of underwater scenes.
    • Charging Hub: Charge up to three batteries simultaneously in less than 130 minutes.

    Price and Availability

    Osmo Action retails for £329/€379 and will start shipping immediately after the announcement on May 15 at and from authorised dealers on May 22. For more information on all the new features and capabilities of Osmo Action, please visit

    DJI Care Refresh

    DJI Care Refresh is now available for Osmo Action. For an additional £39/€39, DJI Care Refresh offers comprehensive coverage as well as up to two replacement units within one year. Receive your replacement even sooner with DJI Care Refresh Express. DJI Care Refresh also includes VIP after-sales support and free two-way shipping. For a full list of details, please visit

  • When Varney [Fox Business'] asked whether he’s worried about competition from the China-made DJI camera, Woodman responded, “[We’ve] been able to maintain our leadership position around the world because our pace of innovation leads to simply the best product.”

    “The GoPro brand is much bigger than our current product offering,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Thursday. “So we do think that there's an opportunity to scale the brand in the new adjacent product categories that are lifestyle oriented and motivate people to live a bigger life and go pursue their dreams.”

  • I'm not sure of the source here but these tear down images of the Osmo Action is floating around. Not much resolution, but at least you can see the Ambarella SOC. Probably H22 as in the Osmo Pocket.

    628 x 344 - 171K
    636 x 375 - 138K
    675 x 450 - 280K
    655 x 363 - 234K
    676 x 451 - 321K
  • "To me the GoPro footage is both better colored, better highlights/shadows, and better sharpness. But then again, some have said the opposite." DC Rainmaker review