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GoPro Hero8 topic
  • GoPro has confirmed the lauch of four new cameras for Q4, 2019. Fusion2 and three iterations of the Hero8.

    Usually there is a launch in september and availability in october.

    Despite the fact that the Black is the best seller and the unit which generates most profit it seems that GoPro will continue with the WHITE, SILVER and BLACK editions.

    There is currently no leaks on possible new or enhanced features. However, as the current Hero 5/6/7 form factor is three generations old, we will probably see a new form factor in the new Hero8 series of action cameras. It remains to see how this might affect the Karma Grip gimbal. Will it be redesigned for Hero8 or go out of production?

    It also remains to be seen if GoPro will be stepping up to a new GP2 processor in the Hero8 Black edition.

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  • "And given the success we have seen with launching new products every year to wow our customers, I am happy to share that we are planning an exciting refreshed lineup at all price points in Q4, including our next generation spherical camera and an innovative multiyear roadmap that we believe will result in continued momentum, growth, and profitability for GoPro in 2019 and beyond."

    "it’s important to note that it’s well known now that over the entire history of GoPro, our customers have gravitated towards our higher end, higher performance products and if you think about how much of our business is done, how much sell-through is at the 399 HERO7 Black, it’s an indication that there’s an opportunity to develop even higher performance, higher price point products, that some percentage of our customers will be excited about. So, I would say, that this is one of the areas we see an opportunity to grow and better appeal to consumers, because they are clearly telling us they want the very best from GoPro."

    Nicholas Woodman

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