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The GH2 on the big screen
  • Dearest Friends

    In the past i have been far more active here than in the last few months. Partly because ive been busy with filming rather than patch development. Besides @driftwood the genius that he is leaves me no work to do in patching for a long time now.. hehe Thank you btw. In Any case with that said i want to show you the trailer for my new film hitting a few festivals soon shot mostly on my GH2 and an assistant on his cannon. We had a red carpet premiere here in NYC and are now doing the festival circuit. Due to the timing of the release we will be missing some of the major festivals but will enter those next year. Generally i love to do narrative work but in this case i did a documentary which was a bit of a challenge due to the size of driftwood patches... but the quality is worth it!

    My request is if you could please help me out so that i can go on to do more work by pressing the like button on my page. I always promote @Vitaliy_Kiselev and the GH2 on any set or project i am involved with. i wold REALLY appreciate some support from the community if you will be so kind. You can also find my GH2 guide on there if you haven't seen it yet, it was popular before the faq went up around here but it still gets plenty of comments.

    One of the things that excites me the most about this release is that thanks to @driftwood and @Vitaliy_Kiselev i can continue to prove that the GH2 INDEED has enough quality for the movie theaters! That it is more than just something you compare to other cameras on vimeo!! I've had poeple dispute this claim that it does not belong on the big screen in my forums and to them is say keep complaining... its not exactly a scarlet FINE but the rest of us are putting the gh2 EVEN with those short comings on the big screen ANYWAY, its the best camera to me and especially thanks to @driftwood and @Vitaliy_Kiselev who i cant possibly thank enough for their work. In that way i would say they helped with my work and in my opinion NOT indirectly.. with even my career for making the camera everything it is today.. It most definitely boosts my creativity or just work ethic to LOVE my camera, i can never seem to put it down, every single day i shoot something. The last time i loved a camera this much was the DVX100, remember those days?? hehe... aah.. Another Panasonic classic.

    I humbly request everyone click like on my page here :
    or like it from my site here (its on the left column)

    You can view the imdb page for the film here :

    And last but not least a great review for the film by the huffington post here:

    Thank you so much if you help me with the likes to promote the work or my page a littte bit, it could really help me move on to my next project. Its always a pleasure to be a part of this community and working toward the GH2 being # 1, May we see many more projects hit the big screen filmed with it!

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  • Do not move and post anything to General category if it does not belong to it.

  • I thought a film release shot on the gh2 was news + my request = "News and General" What would you recommend? i considered showcase..

    **Edit: oh wait.. you moved it to cameras/Panasonic? ok well whatever you think fits, sorry for the mis category!

  • Dope. And congrats.

  • @OSGondar Great teaser. Good job.

  • Nice job, OSGondar!

  • @ctbehrens @Rafa Thank you! and thank you everyone else liking the my page, its adding up.

  • Done. Thanks for the trailer and good luck on the circuit

  • @TraumManufaktur thanks! i'm really excited! i gig with my GH2 all the time but haven't had a chance to see it on the big screen til now. We'll well see how fun the circuit is, I have heard some fairly mixed experiences from my friends... so i'm both excited and nervous.

  • kudos! liked your fb page ;)

  • Great job man!! and good luck with it.

  • @OSGondar, Good onya ! Great Work done. Good onya !

  • @HillTop1 Thank You!

    @fatpig Thank You for the likes! i would be overwhelmed with joy should i see a few hundred likes on the page, come on personal view! i thought we were in this together lol, you know trying to get our GH2 films on the big screen? i guess they are not crazy about the topic of the doc? maybe my next film who knows.

  • Congrats, and liked! I shot a short film that was screened in a cinema here in Hong Kong, with original firmware - actually, it was completed only a week before Vitaly announced the first hack. But months later at the premiere screening, the footage was awesome anyway - much less anything hacked! People even asked if I shot on RED! I think one possible reason why it was such good quality on a big screen was my use of Lomo cinema lenses, which have high lines per mm resolution.

  • @ed_lee83 i would love to see it! and thank you for the likes =) send me a pm with all the details. Your imdb/your website etc so i can check it out

  • Cool stuff, keep up the good work!

  • Please tell us how the video quality holds up on the big screen. I assume it will look fine. Then again, I've never taken a file from my camera, graded it, then played it on a 30 ft. screen, I believe the projector does most of the work of the enlargment quality, but my knowledge is a little fuzzy.

  • @thomasso well it holds up great but for this project the director wasnt going to try for the film look because we mixed a few dslrs and i guess his editor didnt care to match everything to than color grade like film. Either way check out the trailer on my page or imdb and you will get a good idea of what it looks like. It looks the same quality on the big screen with just a little more visible grain / noise but its minor.